A first-of-its-kind journey along India and Pakistan border

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New Delhi– What binds the two most talked about nations – India and Pakistan together? What makes their relationship unique? How have the lives of the people changed since the India-Pakistan partition? discovery+ India Originals- Expedition Borderlands with Levison Wood and Ash Bhardwaj, an upcoming adventure answers these and many other questions.

In the series, Lev and Ash trek through the snow-capped mountains of the Gurez valley in Kashmir to witness the majestic beauty of the borderlands. The duo engages in local sports like Horse Polo on both sides of the border, a quick game of cricket at Teetwal, and countless more in the course of their journey. They immerse themselves in an authentic cultural adventure and indulge in song and dance along with Dashungs, a local Ladakhi band. In Amritsar, they offer their prayers and services at the Golden Temple with the Langar Seva. On the other side of the border, they relish local food delicacies like offal (goat’s testicles, brain, heart) in Lahore, and attend a local Qawwali performance. Amidst gallivanting escapades, they traverse rocky terrains to see the gleaming Indus River and catch a glimpse of the illustrious sunset in Gilgit amidst breathtaking views of the Himalayas.

Levison Wood said, “Ash and I were lucky enough to experience the incredible food, and culture and hear plenty of fascinating stories in both India and Pakistan. I couldn’t think of anyone I would rather have done this journey with than Ash. It was interesting to see the countries from his perspective – and we had a lot of laughs along the way! The best part of this trip was seeing what unites the two countries in this border region. Our journey helped us to try and understand the people who have so much in common yet are so divided. This journey was unforgettable. The border regions are home to resilient and affectionate civilians who welcomed us into their homes and lives. This journey was a true adventure. We ended up in some difficult situations, learned a lot about these fascinating countries, and had many heartfelt moments along the way.

“Lev and I have been travelling together for over a decade, but this journey was particularly special. Being able to walk in the footsteps of my ancestors made me feel vividly connected to my heritage – not just in Punjab, but on the Pakistani side of the border, too. The geography along the border is truly remarkable, but what really captured my heart was the people we met along the way. As well as the amazing sights, sounds, and foods of the journey, we met some incredible characters – mostly through taking part in unexpected activities. Lev and I each bring a different perspective to our travels, which makes it more rewarding for each of us – and it is a real privilege to share our experiences with the discovery + audience,” added avid explorer and travel writer Ash Bhardwaj.

“Along with the rich content that draws upon the history and diversity of two countries, the format’s authenticity and this unique route are what makes this expedition so captivating. We are thrilled to collaborate with renowned explorer Lev and his friend Ash whose incredible experiences on this unique adventure are sure to capture the audience’s attention”, said Sai Abishek, Head of Factual & Lifestyle Cluster- South Asia, Warner Bros. Discovery. He added, “We at Warner Bros. Discovery are known for our impactful storytelling, high-definition content where adventure genre is what we are known for and are happy to bring that expertise and experience to our viewers in India and around the world.”

This one-of-its-kind four-part docu-series premiering on September 08 on discovery+, features internationally acclaimed explorer and host Levison Wood who is on a quest to explore the lives of those living along the volatile borders of India and Pakistan. In the past, we have seen Levison Wood adventure through treacherous terrains in ‘Walking The Himalayas’, ‘Arabia with Levison Wood’, and many other documentaries. This time his friend and travel writer Ash Bhardwaj joins him on this adventure, navigating the borderlands while unraveling the cultural nuances of the India-Pakistan border. (IANS)



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