5 tips & tricks to incorporate into wedding dance choreographies

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By Olivia Sarkar

New Delhi– Wedding seasons call for a beautiful dance performance that is captured for years to come, whether you are the bride, groom, or clan! Punit J Pathak, a prominent choreographer and one of India’s top dancers, has launched his own dance courses with FrontRow’s latest ‘dance’ offering, just in time for the wedding season!

Warm-up, expression, and musicality are just a few of the simple 5 tips & tricks you may incorporate into choreographies, for a great cocktail or sangeet night!

1. Step on the beat: Imagine the beats of a song to be the blueprint to reading the music and dancing to it. When your body and mind are receptive to the beat, half the battle is won. Queue yourself to make a movement on every beat and you will soon be on your way to perfecting your thumka timings.

2. Ace the transition: Once you have mastered the movement that goes with every beat, it is time for you to bridge those movements with a transition. Transitioning movements add flow to your choreography and make it look seamless.

3. Careful of the passive arm: Dancing involves engagement of the whole body, but more often than not, our focus on a single hand movement renders the rest of the body limp. To avoid this, be careful, of the passive arm or leg. Ensure you allot a movement to them as well, so as to tie up the dance well.

4.The Magic of Props: Including props in your choreography is another smart way of adding an edge to your dance recital. They are very effective in attracting and amusing the audience. Ensure you interact with your prop well and use it to further the story of your choreography.

5.Being the expression queen: Impactful dance choreographies call for your body to be emotive. Your expressions hold the key to your audience feeling the rhythm, and it is for this reason that every smile, side-eye, and eyebrow raise counts. Adding expressions to your movements is the ultimate cherry on top.

To get more exclusive tips on preparing your choreography for the wedding season, join choreographer Punit J Pathak’s masterclass on FrontRow. (IANS)



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