2022 a year of trial and exploration for the event industry

Full house at Asha Bhosle Boston concert.
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By Sharad Chaudhary

New Delhi– Among the several challenges that Covid-19 has posed to businesses, there is little question that the pandemic will continue to wreak havoc on the world of events. The previous two years have put the flexibility and agility of planners all over the world to the test, as numerous major festivals, international shows, sporting events, exhibitions, and concerts have been cancelled in order to prevent the virus from spreading.

As the new year begins, event professionals believe there are many reasons to be cautiously hopeful about the future. Despite these issues, the sector will recover in the near future and gain traction in both the ongoing pandemic and the post-covid period.

The event sector is accustomed to adapting to new situations. It’s possible that it’s one of the industries that has undergone the most significant transformations. With the rise of hybrid models and technology, virtual events and the era of digitalisation have changed the industry, but they haven’t eliminated people’s need to interact face to face. People want to experience the thrill of a live networking event and believe in the power of the human spirit. The fundamental values of events and functions have not changed, and there is no reason to believe that they will change in the future.

We’ve all been busy adapting to our ‘new normal’ and crafting a new future for ourselves across all facets of our lives and enterprises while the world has been in and out of lockdowns and limitations. This is also true in the events industry. Despite concerns about Omicron, we believe the events sector is ready to rebound, stronger and better than ever, and this has resulted in new trends predicting to drive the market well into 2022.

Most importantly, it has been an era of learning lessons and starting the new year with high hopes of taking a bigger leap and returning wiser, with the aim of not forgetting those teachings. People became creative, shifted gears, and showed a lot of love and support for one another.

The road ahead for the event industry

When the virus fades, events will witness a resurgence, as contactless virtual events and meetings will decline, people’s interest in concerts and live shows will pique, as long as they were as free as they were before. Once covid-19 is under control, the significance of safety, security, and flexibility will clearly be top objectives for event organisers for the foreseeable future, and the desire for businesses to foster human relationships through meetings and events will return. Event planners and attendees are eagerly anticipating the return of in-person gatherings to pre-pandemic levels, as face-to-face interactions foster stronger collaboration and a feeling of community.

If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s that we need to find ways to limit touch points. Having a well-thought-out health and safety plan in place for every event is not only a requirement now, but a moral necessity in the future. It can no longer be an afterthought; instead, the event planner must examine the risks in all aspects of the planning process and take all necessary efforts to mitigate them as much as possible. We predict that devotion to advancement and innovation will continue into the new year, and that activities in 2022 will thrive as a result. It doesn’t necessarily imply a return to ‘normal,’ but we may use the lessons learnt to create something even better.

One thing is certain: events will never be the same again. However, with the announcement of a new Covid variation, we are reminded that we are still living in unpredictable times, and planners must continue to consider all eventualities. Our greatest goal is that we can all take what we’ve learned over the last two years and be ready to get back to work. Our predicament is no longer novel, and it is no longer a ‘pivot.’ There is no such thing as a free lunch. It is incumbent upon everyone of us to be prepared to generate and execute in light of the current environment.

Change is becoming the only constant. It’s all around us, everywhere, and it’s continuously chipping away at our sense of normalcy. We’re all adjusting to this new normal, and 2022 will be another year of trial and error, exploration, and growth. While 2021 was a difficult year for all of us in the events sector, we expect to see the same level of innovation and originality in 2022, as each new year brings fresh chances to push the boundaries of imaginative tenting and layouts. (IANS)


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