1983 Movie Masoom Child Actor Jugal Hansraj to Cheer Bal Yuva Manch Program During Hindi Manch Rashtriya Mahotsav

Jugal Hansraj in iconic 1983 Bollywood movie Masoom.

LEXINGTON, MA– Jugal Hansraj, who was the child actor in the iconic 1983 Bollywood movie Masoom, will cheer Bal Yuva Manch program during the three-day Hindi Manch Rashtriya Mahotsav, or Hindi Manch National Hindi Convention in Boston.

Ruchi Dwivedi
Photo: Facebook

Hindi Manch’s Rashtriya Mahotsav will be held from Nov 30- to Dec. 2 and will feature young talent under Baal Evam Yuva Manch umbrella. Mr. Hansraj will be in attendance to cheer and encourage the next generation culture torchbearers and talent.

“The unique aspect of this event, and what sets it apart, is that it places an emphasis on participation, focusing particularly on the child as an artist,” Baal Yuva Manch President Ruchi Dwivedi said in a statement. “It shows that something like this can become an event for the entire community, not just one part of it. Jugal Hansraj’s participation news has also infused a new energy among kids. You don’t want to miss this event.”

Bringing extraordinary and unique experiences to young people, Baal Yuva Manch is dedicated to providing special fair of culture, knowledge and entertainment.

Jugal Hansraj (Photo courtesy: Bollywood Googly)

“Bal Yuva Manch is the dearest to my heart of all the Vibhaags because it’s stability and engagement ensures that Hindi Manch’s light will never die out,” said Hindi Manch President Preetesh Srivastava. “Me and my team wanted to give our youth and children an outlet where they can be fully self-expressed and feel listened to, valued and understood as they embrace a culture that they are familiar with but don’t know, yet. Families are so critical to the Indian culture. So we wanted to create something here that would bring parents and children together.”

Preetesh Shrivastava

To celebrate ten years of Hindi Manch, Hindi Baal Yuva Manch will feature skits to be held on Sunday, December 2nd, from 11 – 4 pm at the Lexington Middle School in Lexington, MA.

This event has historically engaged 100+ kids from 60+ families. Locality based groups (of 6 to 8 kids each) are formed; these groups then design a skit/group song/short play, basically any item in which kids speak in Hindi. For the skit to be stage ready, these groups meet up regularly for 6 to 8 weeks prior to the event resulting into strong bondage between these kids.

This event will  have more than 100 kids performing on stage in Hindi and enjoying the language and its beauty.


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