10-Year-Old Needham Boy Writes “All About Dad” Rap to Celebrate His Father’s Birthday

Amit Dubey
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NEEDHAM, MA—Indian-American kids are no longer confined to only classical music and traditional dance. They are now getting integrated to the mainstream and writing even rap and expressing their feelings and emotions through chanted rhyming.

Amit Dubey, a 10-year-old boy recently composed a rap, or rhyming lyrics, to celebrate his father’s birthday, and delivered the lyrics in truly rapping style.

This is what Dubey, who will be going to 5th grade at Broadmeadow Elementary School in Needham, MA,


Amit Dubey
Amit Dubey

“I don’t mean to brag,

But I have the best dad!

He can get mad,

But I forgive him for that.

He buys everything for me,

But we never let him buy anything indeed.

I don’t mean to brag,

But I have an awesome dad!

He lets me watch late night games,

Even if it’s a sport that he thinks is lame.

He let’s me have a computer,

Even though I need a tutor to help me use a computer.

I don’t mean to brag,

But I have a caring dad!

He helps me with math,

Even though I study like a rat.

He helps me feel safe,

Like a bee would inside their hive.

I don’t mean to brag,

But I have the best dad!!”


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