World Hindu Council of America Announces Three-Day, Inaugural Threads 2019 Conference in Boston

Poster by Ujali and Suhani Patel
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BOSTON — World Hindu Council of America, a national cultural organization dedicated to raising awareness, serving the community and cultivating Hindu values, announced that it will hold its first national Threads 2019 Conference in Boston on Nov. 1-3, 2019.

The Threads Conference, which will be held at Hilton Woburn Hotel in Woburn, MA, is the first of its kind, with a mission to tell the story of Hindu-Americans and their contribution to American business, society, technology, education and health, among other areas. Thread aims to bring together thinkers, educators, public policy makers, scientists, entrepreneurs, business leaders and more to share their stories, engage with each other face-to-face, explore how their roots have made them successful, and share their ideas for brighter, better America.

Threads is a conference which focuses on inclusion and collaboration and showcases the strength of unity in diversity. Threads is not a religious conference and the term Hindu refers only to a people and a civilization. The conference is educational in character. It is about reaching out and engaging with the American community to shape a collective future. Thus, Threads invites delegates and guests from various communities to educate them about the multi-dimensional contributions of Hindu-Americans as well as learn from them.

Abhaya Asthana

“Hindu-Americans immigrated to the United States from across the world and are deeply interwoven in the fabric of America today. They are strengthening American culture, knowledge, community engagement and enterprise, and have enriched all aspects of American life with their contributions,” said Abhaya Asthana, Ph. D., President of the World Hindu Council of America. “We are excited to bring people from all walks of life to engage, explore and share ideas for a better world.”

Speakers for this conference include luminaries from various fields. Their names will be announced later this month.

The 3-day conference will welcome people of all disciplines, denominations and cultures who seek a deeper understanding of the Hindu-American narrative. Planned events include keynotes and panels covering a broad array of topics, as well as lightening talks on unique projects and poster presentations.

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World Hindu Council of America is an independent, nonprofit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) and volunteer-based charitable (socio-cultural-spiritual) organization serving the needs of Hindu community in the United States. World Hindu Council of America was founded on October 19, 1970 and incorporated in the state of New York on May 16, 1974 to address social, educational, cultural, intellectual and spiritual needs of the Hindu society in the US and to network with other Hindu organizations with humanitarian causes worldwide.

According to World Hindu Council of America, Hindus are those who believe in, practice, or respect the spiritual and religious principles having origins in Bharat (India), which includes Jains, Buddhists, Sikhs and people, worldwide, of various religious sects within the Hindu ethos.



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