Woman who killed abusive husband in Karnataka repents behind bars

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Bengaluru–A 48-year-old homemaker in Karnataka, who killed her abusive husband by repeatedly assaulting him with an iron rod, repented her act after being taken into custody.

She has claimed that the frustration accumulated for a long time against the acts of abuse by her husband resulted in her taking the extreme step.

Varalakshmi, a housewife and a resident of Sai Baba Nagar in Bengaluru, has been sent to judicial custody on charges of murdering her husband Umesh J.M. (52), a real estate agent and financier. The couple had been married for 28 years.

According to the police, the deceased had quarrelled with his wife over petty issues time and again. He was upset with his wife’s parents not helping him with finances. The couple had two daughters and he did not treat them well either.

The police said that the daughters claimed that their father was abusive towards them and also assaulted them.

The accumulated frustration over the years reportedly exploded at a point when the accused, Varalakshmi, decided to kill her husband, for which she is repenting, the police said.

The couple had a fight on Sunday night which continued till the next morning also. Umesh, after a heated exchange of words, allegedly kicked her and went to sleep. Varalakshmi, who was hurt deeply by the act of her husband, hit Umesh with an iron rod multiple times and killed him on the spot. (IANS)



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