Who Is This Word Magician Gulzar: A Preview of His Boston Event This Sunday

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By Jaya Pandey

Who is Gulzar, actually what he is – that is the question with different answers. If you love poetry and anything bollywood – Gulazar means more than words can express.

Jaya Pandey

ये कैसी उम्र में आकर मिली हो तुम?

बहुत जी चाहता है फिर से बोऊ अपनी आंखें

तुम्हारे ढेर से चेहरे उगाऊं, और बुलाऊँ बारिशों को

बहुत जी है कि फुर्सत हो, तसब्बुर हो

तसब्बुर में जरा सी बागवानी हो

मगर जानां, इक ऐसी उम्र में आकर मिली हो तुम

किसी के हिस्से की मट्टी नहीं हिलती

किसी की धूप का हिस्सा नहीं छनता

मगर अब मेरी क्यारी मे लगे पौधे

किसी को पाँव रखने के लिए भी थाह नहीं देते

ये कैसी उम्र में आकर मिली हो तुम?

Gulzar was born in British India (now Pakistan) in 1943 as Sampooran Singh and today at almost 88 years old he is beyond many accolades, trophies, awards, degrees and even the Grammy. An author, director and lyricist are some of the ways to define Gulzar, but for me he is a magician . A magician who makes you believe in complex emotions in a very simple way in Hindi, Urdu and Panjabi. His poetry reflects various layers of life, love, sadness, romance, pain and much more.

He has written stories for around 60 films and directed 17 movies, each one a masterpiece.  Amongst his many accolades he has won the Sahitya Akademi Award for Urdu, Padma Bhushan,  Dadasaheb Phalke Award, 5 National Awards and 19 Filmfare awards and of course the Grammy.

Gulzar’s first song was in movie Bandini “Mora gora ang laile mohe sham rang de de”. Since then his pen has given words to everything we call life . As a poet he plays with words to define romance and “nazakat” and then reminds us of the realities of life in a philosophical way.

As a screen writer and director, he challenges us to face the complexity of human relationship. He questions the norms of society, the value of happiness and the institution of marriage in various ways.

Ijaazat will remain one of the most prominent cinema in this last category forever. Now to think of it I am in awe of his mastery in using flashbacks to the best.

I can write about his songs, movies, poetry and many more writings but for me his collaboration with Jagjit Singh takes over everything. It is my personal opinion and many might disagree but this friendship created something amazing.

Mirza Ghalib was way beyond his time, his poetry couldn’t have reached the next generation if not for the DoorDarshan series about him in the late 80s. That was my introduction to Miraza Ghalib on a whole different level and I cannot be grateful enough to the Jagjit Singh, Gulzar and Naseeruddin Shah trio.

My love for Jagjit Singh and his ghazals grew over time, their collaboration made me look at Gulzar differently, beyond his songs and movies. Together they have given words and voice to so many ghazals and  TV serial theme songs.

I can list the movies and songs and ghazals but that’s not the point here. This post is a reminder of an opportunity of a lifetime to see the legend in person.  I cannot wait to hear him say something, recite something and who knows those words are just written for us, to give us a new direction. Come join me in welcoming Gulzar sahab in Boston for an evening of poetry, music, romance, ahsas, ibadat and Ijaazat.

Event details: Sunday, July 17, 2022 at 6 PM Lynn Memorial Auditorium 3 City Hall Square Lynn, MA.

(Jaya Pandey lives in Boston with her husband Ashish and sons (Ajey and Anand). She is passionate about music, poetry, cooking, Saree and autism awareness and founder of “Desi Moms Network” for familes with children with special needs. She is a Jagjit Singh fan, blogger and story teller using Saree as a medium. To know more about her visit her blogs – http://momlovesanand.blogspot.com  and  https://jayapandey.blogspot.com)



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