When a Home is Built for Warmth, Comfort and Yes: for Parties

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CHELMSFORD, MA—It was a beautiful 3,000-square-foot Garrision Colonial home with a farmers porch. Today, it is a 7,000-square-foot contemporary and modern home. It is a warm, welcoming, spacious and cozy house—all at the same time. An amazing display of lighting grabs your attention everywhere you go.

Shah family
Shah family

Home owners Jigna and Yash Shah have truly realized their dream of owning and living in their dream house after of an extensive remodeling. It took them about two years to realize their dream from planning to completion.

“It was a joint idea that we needed to re-design and rebuild our house but it was all Jigna when it came to style, design, interior and oversight,” Yash Shah told INDIA New England News. “My favorite space is the Theater. We love movies and we love Football. That’s the place I can go to and escape everything and totally immerse myself in entertainment.”

Shah, an entrepreneur, angel investor and business executive with over 25 years of IT industry experience, gives full credit to his wife, Jigna, who played a key role in the design of the house—from concept to design to managing day-to-day headaches of renovating a home at such a large scale.

“It was all Jigna working together with our builder who was very accommodating on trying out her ideas,” Shah said.

Lighting in the house is one element that grabs your attention everywhere.

“A lot of hours Jigna spent researching the options online as well as visiting stores,” Shah said. “We did not use any interior design consultant for lighting. It was all designed by Jigna.”

Kitchen is another fun place in the house and so are several sitting areas.

“Jigna’s favorite place is the inside Island sitting in the central main kitchen,” Shah said. “That’s the center of everything for food, fun and family.”

All key places are beautifully tied together in the open space setting.

“We used a Boston-based modern design architect who designed the house along with ton of contribution and idea from me and Jigna,” Shah said. “But a lot of credit for that goes to the architect.”


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