Uber makes helicopter ride to JFK airport available to all

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New York– Ride-hailing giant Uber has made its helicopter service, Uber Copter, from Manhattan to JFK airport available for all riders.

“The pilot is designed to generate learnings for a future all-electric Uber Air ride-sharing network,” Uber said in a tweet on Thursday.

Uber Copter was opened earlier this year to a select group of passengers, almost three years after the company launched its flying car project called Uber Elevate.

Now anyone can use the service, but the eight-minute flight would set them back by $200 to $225, depending on the demand.

Uber Copter is available from Monday to Friday during afternoon rush hours only.

A single tap of a button in the Uber app can get users access to a ride from their pickup location to the heliport, a helicopter flight, and a ride from the heliport to your destination.

Uber Copter is operated by its partner HeliFlite.

Uber opted for voluntarily implementing a Safety Management System (SMS) for Uber Copter.

This system employs a data-driven approach to accident prevention by incorporating trend analysis and robust hazard reporting. HeliFlite already has an established SMS in place for its operations.

The helicopter service would save riders time and the door-to-door airport trips could also reduce stress associated with a longer trip, according to Uber. (IANS)



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