Tough Love: The word ‘separation’ gives the chills to Ankit Tiwari

Ankit Tiwari
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Mumbai–┬áMusic composer Ankit Tiwari, who has graced the show ‘Smart Jodi’, has been through the rocky roads of marriage with his wife Pallavi. He admitted that staying together in the marriage for the sake of their families felt hollow to the point that he even drew up divorce papers.

The particular episode in his life has deeply affected him so much that he gets chills upon hearing the word ‘separation’. Talking about a significant life lesson, the composer said, “My single most important learning in the last few years is that family is a priority. Very often we forget to balance the right things in our life. Silences give way to resentment.”

Sharing the memories of the unpleasant days gone by, Ankit said, “Pallavi and I came very close to letting things end. But we worked on it and got by. We knew that the love we share is more than the problems we are faced with.”

Through the new show, Ankit wishes to rekindle the relationship that he and his wife share, “On Smart Jodi, we hope to relive our happier times and rediscover our relationship. I feel so at home with Pallavi and our bond is truly for thick and thin. It took us truly adverse phases to cement our relationship. The word ‘separation’ today gives me the chills.”

Ankit-Pallavi are one of the celebrity couples on the show that also stars newly-wed Ankita Lokhande-Vicky Jain, Arjun Bijlani with his wife Neha with veteran actress Bhagyashree and her husband Himalaya Dasani, among others. (IANS)


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