TiECON East Track 1: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Robotics

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BOSTON—On May 7th, Track 1 at TiECON East, the largest entrepreneur conference in East Coast, will focus AI, MI, Data Science and Robotics.  Here is what organizers are saying about these topics, companies and speakers:

(The day-long conference will be held on Tuesday, May 7, from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm at Westin Waterfront hotel in Boston. To buy ticket, please click here.)

Deep Learning Techniques and Applications

Kicking off the discussion, we have a panel of hot startups and large company experts including Kensho, a Harvard AI fintech startup recently acquired by S&P Global for $550 million, AI-based recruiting  startup Jobiak, the Head of Microsoft Deep Learning and NLP expert RAGE Frameworks, recently acquired by GenPact. This panel will go deeper into learning techniques, what’s working and what’s ahead.

AI, ML & Data Science: Opportunities and Limitations of current approaches

Boston is home to some of the hottest AI companies including four time Gartner Magic Quadrant leader RapidMiner, on a growth tear DataRobot,  Cambridge Mobile Telematics which pulled in $500 million from Softbank Vision Fund, the largest fundraise ever in New England and StopLift which got picked up NCR.

Equally impressive are the leading implementors of Data Science and ML technologies like PWC/PRTM who are building some of the most sophisticated applications in industries ranging from financial services to manufacturing. These experts will discuss the opportunities and limitations of current approaches to ML, including issues of what happens outside of training regime, bias caused by them, and fragility of models.

Robotics: Present and Future

What is the state of robotics in Boston and the industry at large? Besides cool demos, what is the business value driving the growth of the industry? Are robots taking our jobs? Can there be a pillar company in Robotics in Boston or are they all destined to be gobbled up by the big fish as Kiva was by Amazon?

Hear from some of the insiders in the Boston ecosystem who are sure to have a strong point of view on these and other questions. This year’s Robotics panel includes a mix of large company and startup perspectives including Amy Villeneuve, ex President and COO of Kiva Systems, who went on to become VP of Amazon Robotics and now board member at 6River Systems, Walter Vahey, EVP Business Development at Teradyne and the architect behind Teradyne’s acquisitions of Universal Robots and MiR, Youssef Saleh, Founder/CEO of Ava Robotics and ex GM at iRobot, and Peter Howard, CEO of Realtime Robotics.

To buy ticket, please click here.)


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