TiE StartupCon Gets ready for Friday, to showcase New England’s 50 hot startups

Anu Yadav
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CAMBRIDGE, MA—With about, 1,000 attendees, an all-star lineup of speakers and panelists  and a new Startup Expo this year, TiE-Boston is ready to host its day-long annual entrepreneurial TiE StartupCon conference on Friday at Copley Marriott Hotel in Boston.

Anu Yadav
Anu Yadav

On this occasion, INDIA New England News interviewed TiE-Boston Executive Director Anu Yadav over the internet. Here are the unedited excerpts:

INDIA New England News: Any special program this year that is different from previous years?

Anu Yadav: This year, we are excited to showcase more than 50 hot startups in New England as part of the Startup Expo, including Cazena, Fasten, VentureApp, Buttery, EverVest, Insurify and ArtLifting.  This is a new program that we are launching this year and we have had so much interest from companies wanting to participate.  We want to celebrate the New England entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We also refined the mentor component into the mentor breakfast this year that will allow new entrepreneurs to connect in a more focused way with serial entrepreneurs and investors.

Finally, we moved the conference into a larger venue, the Copley Marriott, and are excited to have the conference in the heart of Boston.

INE: How many speakers in total?

Pallavi Singh
Pallavi Singh

AY: TiE StartupCon is New England’s largest startup conference, with all-day panels and networking.  This year, the conference promises to be even bigger and better, featuring keynotes by Bob Langer, renowned biotechnologist and inventor,  Clayton Christensen, author of the Innovator’s Dilemma and Co-Founder of Innosight,  and Desh Deshpande, serial entrepreneur and philanthropist and three tracks “Ideate & Innovate, “Scale”, and “What’s Trending in Tech, Med Tech and Social Entrepreneurship.  Each track has four panels, typically with 4 panelists.

 INE:  How many attendees you expect this year?

AY: 1,000 attendees, representing aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs, investors and employers.  The attendees come from different sectors, including tech, life sciences/healthcare, cleantech, and social entrepreneurship.

Shaloo Savla
Shaloo Savla

INE: Is this one-day conference?

AY: Yes, it is a one-day conference.

INE: What are some of the highlights of the program?

AY: I am excited by the awesome women entrepreneurs that will be speaking at TiE StartupCon, including Liz Powers from ArtLifting, Jana Eggers from NaraLogic, Diane Hessan from StartupInstitute, Rupal Patel from VocalId, and Bettina Hein from Pixability.

Pallavi Singh and Shaloo Savla are Co-Chairs of TIE StartupCon 2016.


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