Theia Studios Secures $2.4 Million to Revolutionize Strategy Games

Kaustubh Garimella (Photo: Linkedin)
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OAKLAND, Calif. — Theia Studios raised $2.4 million late last year to create a web3 creator platform for turn-based strategy games.

The studio, launched by the co-founders of the popular social fantasy esports platform DraftBuff, will also develop the first games in the Theia ecosystem. The first in this line of games will be the innovative Icons of Theia, whose closed beta began on November 10th.

Players interested in testing can already pre-sign up on the game’s official website.

Inspired by iconic strategy games such as Final Fantasy TacticsFire Emblem, and Chess, players in Icons of Theia draft a team of heroes called the Icons, each of whom has unique abilities and roles. Players face each other in fast-paced matches, trying to outsmart and outplay their opponents in a bid to climb the ladder and earn unique prizes.

The game will serve as a foundation for Theia’s larger creator platform, a massive strategy ecosystem designed to allow players to fully unleash their creativity. Theia’s toolkit includes a map editor, asset pipeline, scripting framework, economy builder, and more, which collectively empower creators to create and monetize their own strategy games.

Participating in the round are numerous notable investors and angels, including Hashed, Snackclub, IVC, Mint Ventures, Taureon, Arcanum Capital, Big Brain Holdings, Lancer Capital, Ignite Group, Andover Ventures, and Plum Ventures.

“The most popular game genres in the world – MOBAs, Battle Royales, Auto Chess – started out as mods,” said Dylan SenaTheia Studios‘ CEO. “But all these amazing mod creators received zero financial attribution for their work. Our creator tools will enable freedom and creativity in the strategy genre, leveraging the blockchain to finally give creators the financial credit they deserve.”

Leading the team, CEO Dylan is joined by Kaustubh Garimella (CTO) and Guilherme Arten-Meyer (CRO), his co-founders at DraftBuff, with Fino Feng (Chief Creative Director) complementing the founding team.

“I’ve been deeply involved with modding communities such as the Civilization community in the past – they were instrumental in creating new experiences for players and crafting innovative new genres and rules,” said Kaustubh. “There’s a terrific opportunity here for us to actually empower creators and give them the resources they need to unlock their creativity.”


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