Tanvi Rana on Planning an Indian Wedding: From Cost to Logistics as 90 Percent Weddings Are Now Multi-Cultural or Fusion

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BOSTON—First the surprise: Almost 90 percent of Indian and South Asian weddings in New England are now multi-cultural, inter-religious, inter-racial or fusion. (Photo credits: SPL Events, PTaufiq Photography, The Wedding Story USA, Fern & Feather, Latimer Studios, Chiha Studios.)

Indian wedding planner Tanvi Rana, founder and CEO of Mint to be Events, a luxury event planning service specializing in Indian and fusion weddings, says on an average a typical fusion wedding party consist of about 300 people. The cost of a marriage ceremony varies widely, depending on suburban or urban location.

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Founded about five years ago, the team that represents Mint To Be Events come from a variety of backgrounds beyond weddings, from electrical engineering, information technology, travel management, project management and more.

“Our ability to treat your event like a project ensures that we deliver your dream on time and within budget and beyond your expectation,” say founders of Mint To Be Events. “We have established rapport with some of the industries’ best, from decor, catering, entertainment to photo and video…Our motto simply is, for what you are able to do within your budget, we can do it better in establishing this collaboration and within the same budget.  Meaning, for most cases, our services do not impact your existing budget.”

“A wedding celebration is a union of happiness between families.   Sometimes that happiness is put to the test when tasked to plan the actual wedding; some embrace it, some become too consumed.  A wedding planner provides a means for the bride, the groom and their families to focus on what is most important, to enjoy the festivities and soaking in the fun”.

What are the new trends in Indian weddings in the United States?

“As we shy away from concepts like dowry or marrying in caste, the overall good of our Indian customs are also being shied away for priorities like table linens, and color of flowers.  The Western and European world has emphasized equality in people, and right fully so, whether in interracial weddings or even same sex, however it’s in the fusion that we can naturally see some of our roots shifting away,” says Ms. Rana. “At Mint To Be Events, I get excited when we help our fusion couples.  Not only does it give me the opportunity to mend two different cultures, but it also allows me to educate them on our heritage and to promote our evergreen traditions.“

Tanvi Rana

Ms. Rana said that she has planned luxurious weddings as far as Mumbai, Spain, South America, Canada, all over the Caribbean and all over the United States.

“My ultimate goal is to show our beloved New England how the world celebrates Indian weddings,” Ms. Rana said. “That’s not to say we don’t celebrate it right, but to bring elements of the world to Boston would be a dream come true.”

Ms. Rana is the founder and CEO of Mint To Be Events a luxury event planning service based in New England.  She also co-founded the prior rendition of the company called Pink Lotus Events and has been a leader in wedding planning industry for over a decade. She was born in Freeport, Illinois.  She studied electrical engineering at Case Western University and has an MBA from Northeastern University and has held roles of Engineering and Product management at Rockwell Automation, where she has been since she has graduated undergrad.


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