Sunny Leone: I go by what I feel is ideal for me, family

Sunny Leone Photo: Facebook)
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Mumbai–Actress Sunny Leone says she is pretty sure that most of the things that she does are against the “social norms”, so she goes by what she feels is ideal for her and family.

The former adult film star is now one of the popular Bollywood actresses. She is also a mother now.

“I am pretty sure that most of the things I do are against social norms whether it’s on purpose or not. So I just go by what I feel is ideal for me and my family and what I believe in,” said Sunny.

She is now serving as Gaana Podcast Original ‘Confessions With Sunny Leone’ host.

“I believe that a lot of the stories are the stories that are very common among different people, but we don’t always talk about it, so if they hear these stories from me and some of the callers, maybe then they will be open to talking about it,” she said.

The ‘Jism 2’ actress also shared that she has always been judged.

“Judging someone is easy, even if you may not have walked in their shoes, or don’t know the whole story. This fear of judgement leads most of us to brush our dark secrets under the carpet and suffer in isolation,” she said.

“This Gaana Podcast Original ‘Confessions WIth Sunny Leone’ is about sharing this emotional burden that often seems too ugly to embrace,” she added. (IANS)


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