South Asian Art Gallery launches Online Store and 2020 Celebration Catalog to Expand its Reach

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BOSTON, MA – The newly rebranded South Asian Art Gallery (formerly Asian Art Gallery) has launched an online art store and a 2020 Celebration Catalog

It is the season to get together and celebrate the stories of artists, art enthusiasts, and communities, South Asian Art Gallery said in a statement.The South Asian Art Gallery has been working towards this by building a distinctly regional collection of visual art and sculpture over the past 6 years since inception. What began as a humble vision is now a gallery representing over 80 artists and showcasing 2000+ artworks to 350,000+ online visitors from across the globe.

“When I founded South Asian Art Gallery in 2013 the art market was very intimidating to buyers with copious amounts of artists, and lack of pricing transparency” said Santhana Krishnan, Founder of South Asian Art Gallery. “So our focus was to make the most of it by curating select artists for you, the art lover looking to buy art that adds just the right amount of festive comfort to your home.“

Santhana Krishnan

The South Asian Art Gallery’s objective is expand its reach through the online store and catalogues to make art more accessible.  To make it less intimidating the collection is curated and curators help art buyers choose the right art for the right rooms. The gallery shall continue to bring artists from South Asia to the United States and host 2-3 gallery shows annually.

According to the Hiscox Online Art Trade Report, the online art market in 2018 was $4.64 billion growing 9.8% last year. In a survey, 55% of the online art buyers said they were likely to buy more art over the next 12 months. More art buyers express a preference for buying art online as opposed to offline purchases.

More millennials bought art online in the last 12 months and 79% said they had bought more than once up from last year. 23% said they had never bought an artwork in a physical space (e.g. gallery, auction or art fair) prior to buying art online– signalling that the online art market plays an important role in educating and introducing new generations of buyers to art collecting.

The festive Celebration Catalog 2020 ( collection showcases Featured Artists from the South Asian Art Gallery, the Best of South Asian Art Gallery, and our Limited Edition. We hope you enjoy this compelling collection comprising of almost 200 works ranging from Dhiraj Choudhary’s master storytelling on canvas to B. Venkatesan’s magic in the mundane.

This holiday season, let your loved ones connect back to their Asian roots. Now you can give them a gift card ( from our gallery and let them bring back home a piece of heritage that they will cherish for a lifetime – all while supporting talented artists and charities. The South Asian Art Gallery gives the majority of the proceeds from all sales to the artist and to the charities.

The South Asian Art Gallery (SAAG) is a social enterprise that is invested in making the world a better place through art. It’s an open canvas where different artists, art enthusiasts and communities come together to share their common love for art.

SAAG is the first gallery to present the art of Southeast Asia in New England. Through its triple-win philosophy of promoting South Asian Artists by helping them showcase their art on a global platform, helping art collectors enjoy and own art they like, and bettering lives by donating the proceeds to various charity initiatives, SAAG cares about the people involved in art as much as it cares for art. And this way it strives to positively impact society.


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