Skincare tips to keep in mind for winter season

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New Delhi–Dryness, dullness, rough skin and chapped lips are some of the things that happen during the winter season. To avoid this, moisturising and cleansing is a must, say experts.

Shivani Shah, therapist and co-founder of organic skincare brand Naturma, Shikhee Agrawal, Head Trainer of The Body Shop India and Arundhati Tathe, Skin Assistant Manager, A’Kreations Hair and Beyond, have shared skin care tips to keep in mind during the cold season.

* Shower time: Limit it from 20 minutes to 10 minutes in warm water. Showering for longer time, leaves your skin dehydrated. Hot water removes oils faster than warm water.

* Moisturiser: In winter, skin loses its moisture, so it is crucial to maintain the moisture balance of the skin. You should make sure that you keep your moisturiser always handy and use good quality creams.

* Lip scrubs: Lip Scrub by brown sugar can be prepared at home conveniently. Attractive and natural pink lips can be visible through this scrub. Take a handful of scrub and dot your lip area and start rubbing your lips slowly in circular motion so get the dead layer removed. After a few minutes, wash it away with warm or normal water. Complete the look with petroleum jelly or lip balm/butter.

* Hydrating clean-up or facial: Do visit your skin specialist for a hydrating clean up or facial once a month to feel rejuvenated and fresh.

* Cleanse: Face foam cleansers work wonders for the summer months but for winter apply a creamier cleanser to remove impurities and dirt without drying the face.

* Toner: Gentle hydrators such as Aloe Vera Gels work really well during the winter season. An Aloe Vera Gel combined with lavender essential oil will allow the skin to breathe and feel hydrated and fresh.

* Exfoliation: As one generally sweats less in winter, dead skin needs to be removed by exfoliation using either scrubs, peels or exfoliating soaps (with lemon peel or ground coffee). This will help remove the dullness in the skin due to the winter dry air. (IANS)


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