Sip into global cocktails at home this summer!

Smirnoff Spritz
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New Delhi– Want to sip cocktails of different countries? How about indulging in some heavenly cocktails across the globe at home? This summer, check out these recipes by Nick Ord, a Diageo liquid expert with United Spirits Ltd.

Bustling Hong Kong

Smirnoff Spritz
Smirnoff Spritz

Hong Kong makes a first impression like no other place on Earth. The Johnnie Walker Gold Label cocktail mixed with the exotic taste of mangoes embodies this bustling cosmopolitan city and its sub-tropical climate.

Add 30 ml mango and citrus decoction to 60ml Johnnie Walker Gold Label, 30 ml lemon juice and 10 ml sugar syrup and an egg white into a shaker. Shake it without ice for the right texture. Fine strain into a large, chilled port wine glass and garnish with an orange twist and small slice of mango with a skin on the rim.

Vibrant London

The Figging Delicious cocktail with its fun twist of the rarest blend of whisky – Johnnie Walker Blue Label – enhances the exquisite and premium feel of London. This rare liquid stirs up new flavors complementing the delicate tastes of fresh fig, vanilla, hint of spice and orange.

Put sugar in the bottom of the mixing glass, add 60 ml Blue Label and stir for 45 seconds. Add 5ml fig and vanilla syrup. Strain into a chilled glass containing a single, clean fresh fig, sliced into quarters, half way down the fig and dash Agnostura bitters over the top. The colors of the fig and vanilla mix beautifully to serve up a bold and translucent shade of Marsala.

Dreamy Amsterdam

This Johnnie Walker Mojito gives you the smoothness of Amsterdam with a whisky twist that will turn your taste buds upside down.

Add 5-8 whole mint leaves, 1 whole lemon quartered and sugar syrup to a glass and muddle with a grinding stick until the sugar is dissolved and juice has been squeezed from the lemon. Crush some ice and fill the glass. Add 45 ml Johnnie Walker Black Label blended Scotch whisky and top with 60 ml ginger ale. Mix all the ingredients and garnish with a lemon slice.

That Berlin Style

This ‘Fruitilla’ mix is a rare infusion of whisky with strawberries that matches the true and lively spirit of Berlin. Strawberries are generally everyone’s favourite fruit and hence, blends very well with the earthy & smoky tones of Johnnie Walker Red Label to create a bitter-sweet experience.

Fill a highball glass half way with crushed ice, add 50 ml Johnnie Walker Red Label, 120 ml strawberry puree/syrup/pulp. Stir to combine and top up with more crushed ice. (IANS)



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