Say goodbye to acne

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New Delhi–June is Acne Awareness Month, which is the ideal opportunity to help you get rid of those annoying spots that always seem to appear (or stubbornly persist) at inconvenient times. We have curated products just to help you combat those. It’s commonly known among individuals with acne-prone skin that it’s a never-ending fight to not only cure zits and spots but also prevent them from reappearing.

Anti Acne Neem Face Combo By Man Arden:

Treat your skin with the goodness of Neem with Man Arden Anti Acne Neem Face Care Combo. The 3-step toward clear skin include Face Wash, Face Scrub, and a Face Mask that will remove dirt and grime from your skin and help reduce the effect of free radicals and sun damage on your skin. The Face Scrub is formulated with care to help remove blackheads and whiteheads from your skin; Lemon and Tea Tree extracts in the Face Wash will help fight acne and reduce dullness; the Orange Peel extract in the Face Pack will help refresh and rejuvenate your skin. The combo will help improve your skin’s texture over time and strengthen the outer layer of your skin to retain moisture and make it soft and supple.

SKINRX 2% Salicylic acid:

A gentle exfoliating formula that works deep within the skin to fight off acne and rescue blackheads and whiteheads to give clearer, healthier skin. The salicylic acid in this serum is in an encapsulated form to provide harshness of the acid and provide better efficiency.

Anti Acne Combo by Nourish Mantra:

Ratrani Clay Cleanser from Nourish Mantra is enriched with Moroccan lava clay, French clay, and activated charcoal to give you a clean, oil-free face. This cleanser will remove all the impurities from your face and deep clean your pores to remove the build-up of acne-causing bacteria.

Nourish Mantra Holy Basil & Neem Mud Mask is inspired by the recipe from the ancient Ayurvedic texts, this natural Holy Basil & Neem Mud Mask purifies skin from toxins and deeply nourishes it. Time to bid adieu to clogged pores, dull skin, and acne with the perfect blend of freshly picked Tulsi and Neem leaves. Experience the herbal surge of hydration with Tea Tree Oil. (IANS)


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