Republican National Convention Officially Re-Nominates President Trump and Vice President Pence

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CHARLOTTE – Delegates of the Republican National Convention on Monday officially declared Donald J. Trump and Michael R. Pence the 2020 Republican Nominees for President and Vice President of the United States.

“This is an historic moment in the life of our nation as we re-nominate Donald Trump and Mike Pence for President and Vice President and set our Party on a path to victory. Today’s unanimous re-nomination is a reflection of the unified support for the Trump-Pence ticket. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are running on the most radical, socialist, extreme-left ticket in American history, and we must vote like our lives and our country depend on it this November.  Our Party is unified, our supporters are energized, and we go forward confident in our cause of re-electing President Trump and Vice President Pence 70 days from now,” said RNC Chairman Ronna McDaniel

North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Michael Whatley delivered the official nominating speech for President Trump, with Florida Republican Party Chairman Joe Gruters seconding the motion. These nominations were a tribute to North Carolina, the host state of the Convention, and Florida, President Trump’s home state.

Former Governor Scott Walker from Wisconsin delivered the nominating speech for Vice President Mike Pence, with his home state Chair, Indiana Republican Party Chairman Kyle Hupfer, formally nominating him on the floor. The state delegates then unanimously voted by acclamation for Vice President Pence as the Vice-Presidential nominee.

Monday’s formal nominations took place in Charlotte, North Carolina at the Republican National Convention under Rule 37(e), which provided that in-person delegate participation in Charlotte included six delegates from each state and territory for a total of 336 delegates to abide by COVID-19 state health regulations. Each state and territory delegation typically included the State Party Chairman, National Committeeman, National Committeewoman, the two Credentials Committee members, and the State Delegation Chairman. All delegates, regardless of whether they were physically present in Charlotte, could still vote for the President and Vice President nominations.

The Republican National Convention will continue this week with primetime programming and speeches. Vice President Pence will formally give his acceptance speech on Wednesday, with President Trump closing the Convention on Thursday with his official acceptance speech.


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