Ram Temple bhumi pujan ceremony turns into Diwali celebration in Delhi

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New Delhi–┬áThe ‘bhumi pujan’ ceremony for the proposed Ram temple in Ayodhya on Wednesday turned into Diwali celebration in the national capital and the surrounding regions as people burst fire crackers and lit earthen lamps to express their euphoria.

The celebrations came after Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid down the first brick of Ram temple in Ayodhya earlier on Wednesday. The event set the ball rolling for the construction of the grand Ram Temple, a key electoral promise of the ruling party.

“The wait for centuries has ended and India is creating a golden chapter in Ayodhya,” the Prime Minister said, adding that it is an emotional moment for the entire country.

Resonating with the Prime Minister, people decorated their houses and created an atmosphere of celebration by lighting earthen lamps and bursting high-decibel fire crackers.

“This is a big and auspicious day for all the Indians. Ram ji has finally come to Ayodhya,” said Manisha Mehta, a resident Ghaziabad.

People also took to micro-blogging site Twitter to express their exuberance. One tweetrati named Sachin Yaduvanshi wrote, “It looks like we are celebrating Diwali. Everyone is lighting diyas and bursting crackers. Jai Shree Ram.”

Another person scribbled, “Feeling very happy, we all lit up some diyas to celebrate the bhoomi pujan at Ayodhya. Saw people in my locality doing with same and burning crackers to enjoy the beautiful day.” (IANS)


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