Pregnant Sanjjana Galrani donates her hair as an offering of thanksgiving

Sanjana Galrani
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Chennai–Actress Sanjana Galrani, who is in family way, has presented her hair as an offering of thanksgiving to the Almighty.

The actress, who posted a picture of herself without her hair on Instagram, wrote, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder… that’s why I sacrificed all my hair to just fulfill a manaath which I had enforced in God.

“After going through so many difficulties, life is beautiful all over again. I cannot thank God enough for this phase of my life.

“May it be brand endorsements, my social media work or my baby coming into my life very soon, this is how I wanted to express back my gratitude & thankfulness. Jai shreee krishna , Aham Bramhashtami.”

The actress had, only recently, mentioned that preparing for a baby had made her realise several things about parenthood and life. (IANS)


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