Penguin to give Sudha Murty’s books to public libraries to Mark Her 69th Birthday

Sudha Murty Photo: Facebook)
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New Delhi– A complete set of 23 books by Sudha Murty will be donated to five public libraries here on Monday to mark the bestselling writer and philanthropist’s 69th birthday, her publisher, Penguin Random House, announced on Saturday.

‘The Sudha Murty Library’ as it has been named, comprises books for adults and children and will be donated to five public libraries run by The Community Library Project (TCLP) – an initiative that is taking reading to all sections of society – and the Delhi Public Library.

This is part of a month-long pan-India integrated campaign that spotlights Murty’s written work and her humanitarian spirit. It was launched on August 15 and will run across online platforms and offline outlets until September 15, the publishing house said.

Commenting on the addition of ‘The Sudha Murty Library’ to its book collection, TCLP founder and director Mridula Koshy said: “We curate our collection with great care and our goal is to build a collection rich in imagination and relevance to our members.”

“Needless to say we already have titles from Sudha Murty’s collection. But the gift of a complete collection is a boon to our members who once they finish a book they love are quick to ask if there are more like it. So many of the questions posed in her books speak to our members, and this collection will be very much at home on our shelves,” Koshy added.

Michael Creighton, curriculum co-coordinator at TCLP, said: “Until all children have access to high quality libraries, most will lack meaningful access to books — and without access to books, children cannot gain the fluency required for them to be able to use reading as a tool for thinking. Libraries build thoughtful societies.”

Murty’s books “are a must read for children and adults alike”, a Penguin spokesperson said, adding: “They are timeless yet relevant and are a joyful read for everyone. We are proud to publish her work and fortunate for the opportunity to widen its readership to different parts of the society.”

Describing Murty as “a literary gem whose work covers a variety of topics which are contextual and relatable. With this gesture, we are hoping more and more readers, young and old, are not only introduced to her written work but also know more about the person behind the writing”, the spokesperson noted. (IANS)


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