Payal Divakaran, Actifio and Constant Therapy Among Venture Capital Awards Nominees

Payal Divakaran (Photo: Linkedin)
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BOSTON–New England Venture Capital Association, a non-profit organization that boasts over 700 venture capital professionals who collectively manage more than $50 billion in capital, announced nominees in more than a dozen categories of its 5th annual NEVY Awards, according to media reports.

Ash Ashutosh

Boston Business Journal reported that the awards are sponsored this year by General Electric and winners will be announced May 17 at an event at the House of Blues in Boston.

This year’s nominees include several Indian-American entrepreneurs and companies. They are Payal Divakaran, who has been nominated for Rising Star VC category, Actifio (founded by Ash Ashutosh) in the category of Next Pillar Tech Company, and Constant Therapy (co-founded by Swathi Kiran and Veera Anantha) in Digital Healthcare Company of the Year.

“New England is home to some of the world’s brightest innovators and our new headquarters,” Sue Siegel, CEO of GE Ventures, said in a statement as quoted by Boston Business Journal. “From the area companies solving complex challenges, to the venture capitalists funding the ideas, it’s important to recognize all the great work happening across the ecosystem and we’re happy to support the NEVYs to do just that.”

Payal Divakaran (Photo: Linkedin)

Here are 2017 Tech Nominees:

Rising Star VC (Tech)

▪Juan Luis Leung Li, General Catalyst

▪Sarah Downey, Accomplice

▪Ash Egan, Converge VP

▪Payal Divakaran, .406

Hottest Early Stage Startup



Swathi Kiran


▪Semantic Machines

Next Pillar Tech Company


▪Rethink Robotics




▪Carbon Black

Clean Tech Company of the Year




▪Cadenza Innovations

Angel of the Year

▪Joe Caruso

▪Ty Danco

▪Jean Hammond

▪Jeremy Hitchcock

▪Mike Volpe

Fund of the Year

▪General Catalyst

▪Highland Capital

▪Converge Venture Partners


Entrepreneur of the Year

▪Ric Fulop, Desktop Metal

▪Jon Hirshtick, Onshape

▪Rob Biederman & Pat Pettiti & Peter Maglathlin, Catalant

▪Jeremy Hitchcock, (Dyn)

▪Jason Robbins, DraftKings

Rising Star Entrepreneur

▪Nick Frances, Help Scout

▪Jonah Lopin, Crayon

▪Liz Powers, Art Lifting

▪David Hurley, Mautic


Rising Star VC (Life Sciences)

▪Michael Gladstone, Atlas

▪Dan Gebremedhin, Flare

▪Paulina Hill, Polaris

▪Andrew Hedin, Bessemer

▪Sasha Said, Leerink

Hottest Early Stage Startup Therapeutics (HC/LS)

▪Evelo Biosciences

▪Magenta Therapeutics


Hottest Early Stage Startup Tools & Tech



▪Aldatu Biosciences


▪SQZ Biotech

Deal of the Year


▪Intellia Therapeutics



▪Moderna Therapeutics

Exit of the Year

▪Nimbus Apollo

▪Intellia Therapeutics

▪Delinia Therapeutics

▪Padlock Therapeutics

Digital Health Company of the Year

▪Constant Therapy

▪Rest Devices

▪Pear Therapeutics

▪Herald Health

Fund of the Year

▪Atlas Venture

▪Flagship Pioneering

▪Third Rock Ventures

▪Connecticut Innovations

Entrepreneur of the Year

▪Michael Gilman, Padlock Therapeutics

▪Rosana Kapeller, Nimbus Apollo

▪Kurt Graves, Intarcia

▪Robin Heffernen, Circulation

▪Katrine Bosley, Editas.



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