Outcome Capital and Suffolk University Partner to Give Students Real-Life Experience in the Life Sciences and Technology Sectors

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BOSTON – Outcome Capital, LLC announced a collaboration with Suffolk University’s Sawyer Business School aimed at providing graduate-level students with real-world exposure to business challenges in the life sciences, health care services and technology sectors.

Outcome Capital is a global investment banking firm that provides strategic and transactional expertise to boards and management teams seeking to carve out a path to liquidity or raise growth capital.

Oded Ben-Joseph
Oded Ben-Joseph

“Our aim is the help bridge the gap between academia and industry, to better prepare business students for rapid and more effective integration into the business world, and to make Outcome Capital a recognized center of knowledge and creative, strategic thinking,” said Oded Ben-Joseph, Ph.D., Managing Director, Outcome Capital. “We are strongly committed to young talent, and the Sawyer Business School has long recognized that students benefit greatly from getting early, real-world experience as a key part of their education. Our team is passionate about what we do and excited to partner with Suffolk University to pass on to a new generation of business leaders the wealth of knowledge gained over our many years of advising and working closely with companies to enhance corporate value and implement the best path to success.”

Students will gain early exposure to life sciences technologies and transactions in a team environment. They will work collaboratively with analysts, vice presidents and senior bankers to develop a clear value proposition and a strategic vision, definition of sector dynamics and paths to liquidity. These graduate students also will assist in building market and revenue models and valuation through comparable value and discounted cash flow models, as well as research various transaction structures.

“Since our beginning in 1937, it has been the Sawyer Business School’s mission to help transform our students into effective business professionals through globally focused, hands-on experience with top business leaders and real-life challenges,” said Michael Behnam, PhD, Dean of Graduate Programs and Academic Affairs at the Sawyer Business School in Boston. “We are very pleased to collaborate with the professionals of Outcome Capital to broaden the exposure we can offer our students within these important and growing industry sectors. It is the perfect fit with our redesigned MBA curriculum that focuses on experiential, collaborative learning focused on Boston’s world-class clusters in biotech, health care, finance and high-tech.”

“The Outcome Capital team has gained considerable knowledge through our more than 18 years of advisory, transactional and hands-on operational experience with middle-market companies” said Eilon Amir, Vice president, Outcome Capital. “The collaboration with the Sawyer Business School is our first step in our outreach program to build a close relationship with top academic institutions where we can help foster business leadership and support management success.”



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