New children’s books to keep young readers company

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By Siddhi Jain

New Delhi– With an unprecedented year of transformation in education, children’s reading has gained a new significance. Here are new children’s titles from Talking Cub and Scholastic that will keep the young readers company as they navigate these challenging times.

A Clown for Tenali Rama

The book is a riveting blend of fact and fiction that will appeal to those who like to read adventure stories in a historical setting. First published around 20 odd years ago, this book is still relevant, enjoyable, and filled with the wonder that was once the magnificent Vijayanagar Kingdom. Author Subhadra Sen Gupta was recently awarded Parag Reads’ Big Little Book Award 2020 for her contribution to children’s literature.

Bhootbusters of Himmatnagar

Written by author Adithi Rao, Bhootbusters of Himmatnagar is a murder mystery for the bravehearts. Three dead men. A mysterious trail of Eclairs. A fainting potter. When three men are found inexplicably dead in the village of Himmatnagar, five friends get together to solve the crime. Is it the strange young man with the matted hair? Or Biru, the nervous potter? Join Kalki, Angad, Mukund, Vasuki and Govind as they follow a string of clues straight to the village cemetery — and beyond — in their search for the murderer.

Kashmir Kashmir

While the uncertainties of a lockdown weigh heavily upon Humra and her friends; Zainab must run to protect the life of her neighbour. Buried in snow, Rehman is saved by an unexpected rescuer; and Atharva finally understands his mother when he is forced to visit his abandoned ancestral home.

Kashmir Kashmir is a collection of nine short stories by veteran author Deepa Agarwal exploring the lives of the young in a land that is beautiful, warm, yet at times, cold and turbulent. These stories cover themes of friendship, courage, sibling love, hope, coping with change, perseverance and understanding different perspectives.

Aliens Ate My Homework: Secret School Mysteries #2

Aliens ate my Homework is the second installation in the new Secret School Mysteries series by the famous author Ashok K. Banker.

Two weird aliens. Confusing identities. A hilarious shape-shifting adventure. The second book in the best-selling series follows Uru, the quirky librarian, daredevil twins Asha and Usha, super learner Arun, logical Sania and the genius Peter as they try to protect and save a friendly Green alien from a nasty alien predator. Will they succeed?

Vahana Masterclass

Italian author Alfredo Covelli, brings a story of exciting adventure, deep friendships, evil demons and four brave mice.

Anand, Karthik, Gitanjali and Kanu can scarcely believe it when they suddenly find themselves on a mysterious white plain to compete to become the next vahana of the elephant-headed god, Ganesha. Under the guidance of wise Mooshika, Ganesha’s current vahana, the four mice train and challenge each other while fighting evil demons and forming deep friendships. Join in this epic adventure to find who will win the honour of becoming Ganesha’s next vahana. (IANS)



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