Neha Dhupia reveals her one habit she’d like to filter

Neha Dhupia (Photo: Twitter)
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By Ahana Bhattacharya

Mumbai– Neha Dhupia is back with the fourth season of her celebrity chat show “No Filter Neha” and is extremely excited about it.

Talking about the show, Neha shared: “I think the most important thing that makes it stand out from other similar shows is that you know we have been a little ahead of the game as far as the podcasts are concerned. It is audio, it is more intimate, and I feel that I take the maximum amount of pride in the amount of research that we do on our guests.”

The actress also opened up on what she has learnt from her experience as a host over three seasons. “The show is always defined by the guests and, importantly, the listeners and the fan base. The one thing I have learnt is that the more candid, the more free flowing, the more unending the conversation, the more fun it is to listen. We always talk to our guests in a way as if we are sitting in a living room and talking to each other, and no one else is listening. That’s what makes it the most fun,” she said.

The first episode of the new season aired last Tuesday. It featured Shahid Kapoor as the celebrity guest. Talking about the other guests this season, Neha shared: “We have an interesting bunch of guests. We started season four with Shahid, (and) then (we have) Rajkummar (Rao), and then Malaika (Arora). We have Dulqeer Salmaan, Taapsee Pannu, Raftaar, Siddhant Chaturvedi and others.”

Any old habit of hers she would perhaps like to filter out from her life? “If I had to filter an old habit of mine, I stress about things that have not even happened and think about them. I am hoping that I can stop being that person. That would be a good one for me,” she replied.

Talking about using filters on social media, Neha added: “I try and keep it as authentic as I can but sometimes I use filters in Instagram, Snapchat and social media, and it is totally cool to use filters. But when it is a conversation, it has no filter.”

“No Filter Neha” airs on JioSaavn every Tuesday.(IANS)



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