Muslim Personal Law Board says Uniform Civil Code undesirable in a multi-religious country

Kashim Rasool Illyas (Photo: Youtube)
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Kanpur–The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) said it does not favour a Uniform Civil Code (UCC), which is undesirable in a multi-religious country like India.

The resolution on the Uniform Civil Code was one of the resolutions passed at a two-day meeting of the Board here.

“India is a country of many religions, which have their own set of customs and traditions. Bringing in a Uniform Civil Code in this country in a partial or full manner would be unacceptable for all sections of the country. It would be unconstitutional. Our constitution gives us all the freedom to practice our religions,” said Kashim Rasool Illyas, one of the members of the board’s working committee at a press conference.

Illyas, on behalf of the board, demanded that the central government give strict punishment to people disrespecting major religious figures of different faiths.

“All religions have their prominent personalities respected by their followers. For a while, we are seeing that people are disrespecting our god and it is unacceptable. I urge the government to bring a strict law to punish people making disrespectful statements against one’s god or prominent religious personalities of all major religions,” he said.

He demanded that the government should frame stricter laws to prevent atrocities against women.

“Women are our sisters and mothers. There should be no attack on their dignity,” he added.

On attacks on minorities across South Asia, he said, “The situation of minorities in South Asia, including India, Pakistan and Bangladesh is deplorable.”

Illyas said that during the meeting, the Muslim community has been advised to follow Shariat, to give up practices of excessive spending during marriages, dowry and give women their share of the property as well.

“They have also been advised to avoid inter-religious marriages and resolve family disputes via arbitration,” he added.

Regarding offensive content on social media, he said, “The government should put an end to all offensive posts on social media which disturb communal harmony and promote hatred.” (ANI)



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