Most Bollywood songs now use Punjabi lyrics: Punjabi singer Deep Money

Amandeep Singh
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By Siddhi Jain

New Delhi– Punjabi pop music artiste Amandeep Singh, better known by his industry name Deep Money, says that Punjabi music is making waves and is well-accepted in Bollywood and among Bollywood lovers. “In fact, we see most of the Bollywood songs using Punjabi lyrics nowadays,” he tells IANS.

Deep Money debuted in 2011 with Yo Yo Honey Singh with the single ‘Dope Shope’ and says he has had a challenging music career. He is known for his work on ‘Race 3’ (2018) and ‘Veerey Ki Wedding’ (2018), among others.

“With god’s grace, I achieved big things after my first single. These days Punjabi music is hitting the charts globally. In every Bollywood movie, there is at least one Punjabi song. In the coming days, Punjabi music will break more records,” says the ‘Heeriye’ singer.

Singh recently released a new party song titled “De-Daaru” by Indian music label Bullman Records. The party song rejoices friendship and living moments of happiness, says the music label. Directed by Ashish Rai, AD Deepak Taggar and produced by Sabby Airy and Aishwary Tripathi, it was released late March and is gaining popularity.

Says Deep Money: “I hope the song comes up with the new party wave as its a hip groove along to number.”

“The pandemic continues and we have seen people stuck inside their homes for months now and people are getting frustrated with the same boring life, not able to go out or party or have fun. Luckily we’ve got a vaccine and everyone is aware of all the precautions to be taken. So, we have come up with the new party song as a gift to help them groove through the months to come. Though people are facing so much tensions, they should relax and enjoy their life following all the guidelines imposed by the government,” he said.

Punjabi pop music is often accused of glorifying alcohol consumption and the objectification of women. When asked his thoughts on it, the Punjabi singer who has recently worked with Isabelle Kaif says: “Punjabis are fun-loving and believe in making people happy. If we talk about glorifying alcohol in Punjabi music, we intentionally indicate that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, which means to always cheer your life no matter what you’re going through.” (IANS)



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