Middlesex District Attorney’s Office Acts Swiftly on Recent String of Burgalries Trageting Homes of South Asians

Marian Ryan (Photo: DA;s website)
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WALTHAM, MA– Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan’s office is acting swiftly against the recent string of burgalaries targeting homes of Indian Americans and South Asians in Greater Boston, and has just released a flyer to prevent such incidents.

“I’m reaching out on behalf of the Middlesex District Attorney’s office about the recent string of breaking and entering incidents into homes both within and outside of Middlesex County where a significant proportion of the cases involve South Asian families in affluent towns,” a member of the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office told INDIA New England News. “The break-ins are occurring while individuals are out of town and in some cases the perpetrators have entered through the second floor window of the home. Typically, money and expensive jewelry are stolen from the home.”

Middlesex District Attorney’s Office has just started to circulate the following flyer:

“DA Ryan wants to work alongside local community organizations to spread awareness about these incidents and offer some precautions that can be taken to safeguard any valuables in the home,” her office said. “Our office is also in the process of organizing a community meeting in the upcoming weeks.”


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