Meet New Forum President Sanjay Kudrimoti and His Immediate Plans

Sanjay Kudrimoty
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LEXINGTON, MA—At the General Body meeting of the Indian American Forum for Political Education Massachusetts on Sunday, Sanjay Kudrimoti was elected president of the newly –relaunched organization.

Kudrimoti is an associate professor of finance at Salem State University. His primary interests of teaching and research is in the area of corporate finance.

Sanjay Kudrimuty
Sanjay Kudrimuty

His involvement in the New England community has been as an actor with Hindi Manch and Stage Ensemble Theater Unit, known as SETU.

A resident of Lynnfield, MA, Kudrimoti more recently joined with few other Lynnfield neighbors to form the Lynnfield Indian Association. Here is an email interview with Kudrimoti after he was elected president of the Forum.

INDIA New England News: What are the three important things you would like to do in the first year?
Sanjay Kudrimoti : I want to make the ‘Political Education’ aspect of IAFPE as the primary focus during my term at the helm. The idea is to increase citizen awareness and participation in the political and governing process as it directly and indirectly affects everyone’s well-being.

Want to spend more energy of mine and of the entire executive committee on the Internship program. We need to improve on our outreach and its effectiveness in soliciting applications from qualified youth in our community.
The third key objective I want to focus on is in getting interesting speakers to address IAFPE gatherings who will provocate thought, ideas and debates on current and relevant matters within our community.

INE: Does IAFPE plan to play any role in presidential elections this year?
SK: Yes, we plan to actively seek the presence of both political party representatives to address the interests and concerns of Indian-American community. This might come come about as planned debates between the candidates themselves or get their or each party’s representatives for a two-way listening process between the Indian-American community and candidate/party ideas.

INE: Internship has been a flagship program of the organization. How do you plan to revive that?
SL: Based on previous years’ experience I realized that the success of the Internship program needs a sincere time and outreach commitment. We need to fine tune our communication efforts to both spread the message and make applicants excited about this opportunity. One another change that we might work on – is to explore the possibility to expand this program beyond just the Summer months as it is currently being done in order to attract college students in their Fall terms.



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