Mastering the art of letting go for achieving spiritual awareness

Nithya Shanti
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New Delhi– Contemporary and internationally respected spiritual teacher Nithya Shanti unveils the art of letting go and returning to a ‘zero state’, a state of mind that has only intentions and no desires, in “Call Your Own Bluff: An Incredible Journey to Your True Freedom” (Penguin) as he guides you on the road to spiritual awareness — all the more necessary in these pandemic times.

Nithya Shanti is an XLRI graduate and corporate employee-turned-Buddhist monk-turned-spiritual teacher whose self-appointed aim in life is spreading happiness. With this book, Nithya Shanti and co-author Nandini Sen Mehra, recipient of the Reuel International Poetry Prize, 2020, for Best Upcoming Poet, present a simple, easily digestible way to spiritual awareness and growth that paradoxically begins with the idea of unravelling and letting go, essentially returning to a ‘zero state’.

It’s a perfect book for everyone, beginners and practitioners, who are looking for spiritual guidance and clarity of thought to be able to live their lives to the fullest potential. A ready reckoner, it is a concentration of spiritual thoughts and practice gathered from Buddhist philosophy as well as from many teachers and philosophies from around the world.

It has the potential to act as a spiritual guide and a map that will gently and playfully bring us back to ourselves as we cope with the new normal in a post-pandemic world.

Commenting on the book, Premanka Goswami, Executive Editor, Penguin Press, Penguin Random House India, said: “Nithya Shanti’s life, philosophy and teachings offer out of the box yet simple solutions to deal with our inner world. His teachings are like spiritual gymming for the mind, body and spirit. Anecdotal, practical and absolutely easy to implement in a day-to-day life, ‘Call Your Own Bluff’ will attract a wide spectrum of readers in the days to come.

“We are thrilled to have Nithya on-board,” Meru Gokhale, Publisher, Penguin Press, Penguin Random House India, said. “Nithya Shanti’s teachings on meditation and mindfulness are gaining great popularity. His teaching on the idea of ‘letting go’ is interesting and it should prove to be beneficial for readers.”(IANS)



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