Looking back at the first-ever winner Nandita Bakhshi

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Nandita Bakhshi was named INDIA New England’s first ever Woman of the Year in 2002. At the time she was a top executive at Fleet Boston. She served as executive vice president and director of the company’s deposit/payment group. Currently, she is head of products and service at TD Bank.

Prior to joining TD Bank, Bakhshi was executive vice president and division executive in the consumer deposits and payments division at Washington Mutual. There, she led the efforts to profitably grow the retail banks’ transaction businesses and provided oversight of payments, as well as, strategy and product offerings to all interest-bearing deposit products.

She served as managing director of mobile solutions at First Data International, providing leadership over the creation and implementation of mobile and micro payment solutions. Prior to that, she was transition executive and executive vice president of Bank of America/Fleet Boston, where she led the efforts for the consumer products merger. During that time, she worked with the Perkins School for the Blind in Watertown, Mass., to make ATMs more accessible to those visually challenged through “Talking ATM.”

She also held senior positions at Home Savings of America and at Banc One Corp. She spent four months in India prior to joining TD Bank and worked pro-bono on a microfinance program, with a company funded by the Gates Foundation.

A native of Calcutta, Bakhshi graduated from Calcutta University with a bachelor’s degree in history with a concentration in political science. She earned a master’s degree in international relations from Jadavpur University.

She is a recognized leader, known for her commitment to the customer and the community. She practices her philosophy of serving the world by striving to make a difference.

Bakhshi lives in Moorestown, N.J., with her husband.


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