London’s Pakistani-origin Mayor slams Trump’s Muslim ban

Sadiq Khan
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London–London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Sunday slammed US President Donald Trump for banning citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries as “shameful and cruel”, the media reported.

Pakistani-origin Khan issued a statement responding to Trump’s executive order and said the policy “flies in the face of the values of freedom and tolerance”, the Independent daily reported.

Sadiq Khan

The order bans immigration from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen for 120 days under measures to “keep radical Islamic terrorists out”.

It has received wide condemnation from the international community and some have questioned its legality.

Khan pointed out many British citizens will be affected by the new rules and was pleased that Prime Minister Theresa May had also raised concerns.

“The US has a proud history of welcoming and resettling refugees. The President can’t just turn his back on this global crisis — all countries need to play their part,” the Mayor of London said.

“While every country has the right to set its own immigration policies, this new policy flies in the face of the values of freedom and tolerance that the US was built upon.”

“I’m pleased that the Prime Minister has now said she and the government do not agree with President Trump’s policy, which will affect many British citizens who have dual nationality, including Londoners born in countries affected by the ban,” he added.

Khan and the President have a history of clashing and in the past the Mayor criticised many of Trump’s campaign tactics.

During an earlier interview, Trump responded to Khan’s remarks and said they were “ignorant” and “very rude”.



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