Kagana is fake, Urmila has substance: Malvi Malhotra

Malvi Malhotra (Photo: IANS)
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Mumbai–Actress Malvi Malhotra, who hit the headlines last year after a producer stabbed her thrice for rejecting his proposal, says what followed taught her that Kagnana Ranaut was a fake person while Urmila Matondakar was a woman of substance.

Talking about Kangana, she said: “I approached her as we belong to the same town, and there was a relation between us. I have met her two to three times, and I thought she is powerful in industry and she can help me out. She said a lot of things on Twitter, claiming she would help me, she would come to rescue me but no one from her team approached me. That was time when I needed her help as my case was going on and I was being harassed. But no one came. She backed out from whatever she claimed,” said Malvi.

Actor-politician Urmila Matondarkar then took up the case, Malvi recalled.

“At the same time, Urmila Matondkar came up, her team approached me and helped me out. Urmila personally came to meet me and is still in touch with me. She messaged me inquiring whether I need something or some help,” said Malvi.

Asked if she felt that Kangana makes bold claims on social media to hog the limelight, Malvi replied: “I am not sure whether she says stuff online to hog limelight. She has a take on every issue, be it the farmers’ protest or anything, she has to say something. But when it actually comes to helping, she is never there to help. So what’s the point of saying all that? It means you are not a woman of substance. Don’t get me wrong, I respect her as an actor. She is a great actress, but as human-being I do not respect her at all.”

“Urmila Matondkar is a great woman, a woman of substance, and I am so happy she joined Shiv Sena. She deserves it. She is a woman with emotion, she connects with people. I saw pain in her eyes for me when I met her. She really felt for what happened to me. If I have to sum up the whole incident, Urmila is definitely fabulous and a woman of substance but Kangana is fake. I can say that much,” added Malvi.

Meanwhile, Malvi has resumed shoot of her forthcoming web series “Geisha”, helmed by Raaj Verma, and co-starring Aman Verma and Tarun Khanna. (IANS)


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