K.L. Rahul speaks up on social media trolling on Ranveer Allahbadia’s podcast

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Mumbai– Indian cricketer K.L. Rahul spoke about the social media trolling and criticism faced by athletes and the negative effect of it on their mental health.

Rahul joined Internet sensation Ranveer Allahbadia as a guest on his popular podcast, The Ranveer Show.

In the episode, Ranveer Allahbadia, popularly known as BeerBiceps highlighted a valid point stating that it has become a trend to criticise Rahul and other athletes.

Replying to Ranveer, Rahul addressed the social media trolling for the first time and highlighted how it affects athletes, especially as their low phases are times when they need the actual support from people.

Rahul said: “That’s something that sometimes affects me and affects a lot of the other boys as well that when we athletes truly need support, people feel they can or have the power to comment or say what they want. Just see what that person is going through.”

The cricketer also mentioned that no athlete gives poor performance intentionally as everyone works hard, and it is unfortunate that sometimes results don’t go as per the plan.

He said: “None of us wants to perform badly. This is our life. This is all we do. Like I said, I don’t know anything else apart from cricket.”

“That’s the only thing I do. Why would anyone assume that I am not serious about my game or that I am not working hard enough? And unfortunately in sports, there is no connection. Like I said you can work hard, like I work hard but the result didn’t go my way.”

In the podcast, Rahul also spoke about his journey from being a small-town boy from Mangalore to being a three-format player for the Indian cricket team, playing with M.S. Dhoni, Rohit Sharma, inside stories from the dressing room, and advice from his fellow cricketers. (IANS)


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