Jasmine Shah Saree at WOY: Cost only $400, but took 4 years to design, paint and create

Annette Philip and Jasmine Shah
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NASHUA, NH—Local fashionistas went crazy about the saree Jasmine Shah wore at the 14th Annual Woman of the Year Awards gala on Friday at Burlington Marriott Hotel in Burlington, MA. INDIA New England News also became curious about the saree and wanted to get the scoop directly from Shah, who was bestowed upon Lifetime Achievement Award 2016.

Jasmine-Saree-Feet-s INDIA New England News:  Did you get your saree designed for you or you bought it somewhere?

JASMINE SHAH:  I designed it myself and got it painted. The final painting took about eight months.

INE: Your Saree has an amazing design and a lot of minute work. What went through your mind?

JS:  I love ethnic and traditional style sarees and came up with this idea. I do have few other themed –sarees. Their themes are jewelry, peacock, Radha-Krishna, Krishan, and Buddha.

Jasmine-saree-mudras-ssINE:  What are the key elements that you like in the saree you wore at WOY?

JS: The saree has dance mudras, Lord Natarajan on pallo and dancing feet on the blouse. Through saree I make a statement that dance is my passion.

INE:  Where did you get?

Jasmine-saree-natraja-sJS:  I got it custom made. I had go through various painters to get exactly what I had envisioned.

INE: How long it took make it from design to completion?

JA: Four years as I tried a few times with different artists. Finally, I met Pragati at an exhibition in Mumbai .She painted it for me and captured my vision beautifully.

INE: Where is Pragati based?

JS: She is based in Mumbai and Jaipur, Rajasthan.

INE:  Why did you choose this saree for the WOY event?

JS: This saree represents me.

INE:  What did you think of the display of fashion at WOY?

JS: A vibrant display of colorful ethnic wear and trendy.

INE:  Can you disclose the price of this saree?

JS: About $400. Saree was not very expensive. Work on the saree and painting was expensive.

INE: What other accessories did you wear to match your saree and how did you decide that?

JS: I wore gold jewelry with Natarajan design.

INE: Whose saree got your attention at WOY?

JS: Annette Philip. I liked her saree.

Annette Philip and Jasmine Shah
Annette Philip (left) and Jasmine Shah (right)


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