IndUS Business Journal Launches Daily Digital Edition

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WALTHAM, MA—IndUS Business Journal, which provides business news  covering Indian-American entrepreneurs, Indo-US business ties, major business trends and events in India and global businesses owned and managed by Non-Resident Indians, or NRIs, has launched a daily digital edition.

“We have been doing a trial run of the daily digital edition of the IndUS Business Journal for a few months, and the response from our readers has been very enthusiastic  with over 100 people subscribing to the daily edition every week,” said Upendra Mishra, publisher of the Journal. “It is free, and the daily edition will be dropped in subscriber’s email box every day, Monday through Friday.”

big-logoFounded in 2000, IndUS Business Journal is published by The Mishra Group, which also publishes Boston Real Estate Times and INDIA New England News. The IndUS Business Journal’s digital daily edition was officially launched on Aug. 1.

“Given the phenomenal growth in Indo-US economic ties, it became inevitable for us to enhance the coverage of Indian-American business here as well Indian companies gobbling up US companies. In addition, companies of all sizes in the United States are trying to get a foothold in the world’s fastest growing consumer and Business-to-Business market and that is India,” said Mishra. “We have started the daily edition with one simple goal in mind: if you are interested in the India market, if you want to engage with Indian-American business community in the United States, IndUs Business Journal is the place to be.”

Trade and commerce between India and U.S has grown from a modest $ 5.6 billion in 1990 to $ 66.2 billion in 2015 representing an impressive 1084% growth in a span of 25 years, according to US Embassy in India.

More importantly, Indian-American businesses in the United States have carved out their own niches and dominate certain sectors of the economy such as hospitality, franchise, information technology, pharmaceuticals and other high tech segments.

“We are going to cover these industries and Indian-American entrepreneurs aggressively,” Mishra said. “In addition to providing a great platform to know each other, our coverage will also inspire many from our community to explore the entrepreneurial and corporate journey in their own way.”




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