Indu Khosla Finds a Niche in Bellezza Laser Spa in Northborough

Dr. Gert Walter and Indu Khosla

NORTHBOROUGH, MA—Indu Khosla has found a niche in Bellezza Laser Spa, a Northborough, MA-based medical and aesthetic laser clinic. Her motto: “We specialize in safe, effective treatments for the entire body at affordable prices.”

Khosla, an architect and a certified Laser Technologist, founded Bellezza Laser Spa in 2014. Bellezza Laser Spa’s medical director, Dr. Gert Walter, MD, FACEP, is part of the core team. He is board certified in Emergency Medicine, and a Diplomat of the American Board of Emergency Medicine.

“We offer many safe and effective treatments for the entire body at affordable prices. Our state-of-the-art laser machines are FDA approved,” Khosla said. “Our goal is to provide customized cosmetic and medical approach to clients in a soothing and relaxing ambience.”

Khosla received her education through the National Laser Institute and was certified by the state of Arizona. She has hundreds of hours of didactic and clinical experience and has also received additional training by Candela and Syneron trainers.

Bellezza Laser Spa provides various laser treatments, including laser hair removal, skin pigmentation, acne damage, rosacea, skin tightening, skin resurfacing, vascular lesions, and enlarged pores, among others. Khosla said that her lasers can be used on all skin types.

“At Bellezza Laser spa, we feel that women across the world want to look good and feel good about themselves,” said Khosla. “Laser technology is a non-invasive technology, provides new methods which can significantly improve facial lines, wrinkles and folds for middle age to older women and men.”

She said laser hair removal treatment is good for all age groups starting from teenagers to 60 year olds.

“If someone is looking to enhance their looks, these services can help you achieve those desired goal,” Khosla said.

She said that her colleague Dr. Walter has been practicing medicine since 1984. Also. owns and operates Medical Aesthetics of New England in Acton, MA.

“He has extensive experience in facial injections, plastic wound repair, skin healing and nerve block anesthesia and expanded this knowledge into skin aesthetics and care. He has extensive experience in treating the acute and chronic complications of aging,” Khosla said. “Our Laser Technicians are medically trained and backed up by a board certified plastic surgeon. We can give you the best results while offering the most comfortable and professional treatment options as soon as you walk in the door.”


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