India’s First Gender-Neutral and Body-Positive Clothing Brand

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New Delhi– A Mumbai-based contemporary clothing brand, EQUL Store, has begun pan-India operations with the launch of their official e-commerce website: The brand also debuted its first clothing collection, dubbed “The Feel Good Collection,” at the same time. Notably, EQUL is India’s first apparel and fashion brand dedicated entirely to and producing ‘Gender-Neutral’ and ‘Body Positive’ products.

EQUL’s Body-Positive by Design clothing is proudly made in India from sustainable materials such as cotton and hemp. The recently-launched unisex clothing line ‘The Feel Good collection’ is a special and unique collection aimed to transcend barriers and break societal norms; it includes gender-neutral loungewear made from sustainable fabric and has been designed with people in mind to provide them with a line of clothing that is modern, urban, bold, and expressive. The Feel Good collection includes T-Shirts, Hoodies, Joggers, and Shorts, among other items.

It features a wide range of “at home clothes”, wearing which one would feel most comfortable. A few aspects that makes its apparel stand out are:

Sizing: Clothing sizes are bigger than most sizes in the same label of other brands. This helps in two ways: physically you don’t feel restrained and psychologically you feel you’re less pressured even after eating a big meal.

Product Categories: It does not make products that identify with high fashion aka high stress, but instead products categories that identify with comfort and sportiness promoting positivity.

Design: It alters the design where possible to create more comfort while keeping the product true to its style. For example, the brand does drop-shoulders on most of their hoodies and t-shirts, as well as add graphics that promote the brand’s message of self-worth and positivity.

Charu Sharma, Founder, EQUL Store says, “At EQUL, we believe that fashion is truly inclusive and for one and all, regardless of people’s size, shape, gender and so on, and what they wear should always be only about themselves. With the same outlook and philosophy, we are now happy to launch The Feel Good collection with the objective to celebrate people as they are without changing them. From our choice of fabric, the slogans, to the designs and fits with regards to this collection, have all been made with the belief that when one feels good, one looks good too, which in turn empowers and enables people to express their individuality and their freedom. We are hoping that the urban youth who do not have the inclination towards high-fashion but more towards functional and environment-friendly clothes will be able to resonate with our latest collection and the brand’s ethos at large.”

The core values of the brand are Equality, Empathy, Sustainability, and Kindness. They will also be launching their second apparel collection soon and hope to add more product categories in the coming months. EQUL’s website will also include a “Businesses We Support” section, where companies that share the EQUL Store’s ethos will be able to sell their products. (IANS)



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