Indian Americans reach out to Hurricane Harvey victims

Houston floods (Photo courtesy: The Daily Courier)
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Washington–Indian-Americans who are living in safer Texas neighbourhoods are helping people affected by the devastating Hurricane Harvey by offering them shelter, preparing food for thousands and distributing essential relief aid.

A massive number of Indian-Americans in the Greater Houston Area have been affected by the ongoing flooding. The Indian Americans formed numerous volunteer groups to help the victims using social media to communicate details about which family is affected in each locality, News India Times community newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Temples, gurdwaras and mosques all opened their doors in a massive effort to help people who lost their home in the catastrophic disaster. Indian restaurants were also reaching out to people with free food.

Approximately 100,000 Indian-Americans and Indians live in the Greater Houston Area, according to Kishore Rama Raju, who lives in the relatively less affected area of Eldridge in Houston.

Houston floods (Photo courtesy: The Daily Courier)

Raju told the newspaper that he along with his group of friends through a Facebook account — HoustonDesiFriends — operationalised a rescue and relief effort with 100 volunteers.

“Volunteers are helping with rescuing those trapped by taking their large vehicles and trucks that can navigate through high waters, Raju said.

“We are sharing information across social media on what to do and what routes to take etc. for those in more affected areas,” another Indian American, Bangar Reddy said.

Temples like Shady Side and Astalakshmi in the Eldridge area were housing close to 500 mostly Indian-American families, the report said.

Multiple shelters at Cinco Ranch High School, Morton Ranch High School and most recently Cinco Junior High also came forward to house displaced families. (IANS)


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