As Indian-Americans Grow Older, Care24 Home Care Fills the Need


WOBURN, MA—As the Indian-American population is aging and the need for care for loved ones or the ones with disabilities is increasing, Woburn, MA-based Care24 Home Care Inc. is filling that need.

Founded in January this year by Moe Abuzar and Ruchika Shah, Care24 Home is providing a viable alternative to living in a nursing home or long-term care facility.

“We are readily available to provide services for you or a loved one in the comfort of your home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays and weekends,” says Abuzar, adding that the firm customizes  a care plan to meet customers’ needs that are overseen by a registered nurse.  Care24 Home staff is carefully screened and receive expert training.

Ruchika Shah

How did the founders come up with this idea and why? One of the founders lost two family members in 2016 and both of them utilized hospice home services. In this difficult time for both members and their family, shoulder to shoulder genuine care was provided by visiting nurses who established a great rapport with not only their clients but also with family.

“These exceptional nursing services received in a time of difficulty planted the seeds of thoughts in one of our founder’s mind to have access to similar care available for all seniors of our community,” said Abuzar.  “Our beloved family members are also getting old and it was always in back of our mind that what could we do to improve not only their physical health but also psychosocial health? Coming with a rich Indian cultural background, we always thought that how can we prevent our elders  from staying at nursing home or assisted living when not medically necessary?”

Abuzar said what else could be the best place other than their home.

“Due to busy work schedule, we cannot be at home all the time to take care, so we decided to improve our elders’ quality of life without compromising their routine lifestyle and independence by offering medical and non-medical care filled with love and affection at their home!,” said  Abuzar.

Abuzar worked in finance and banking for the last 13 years, graduated from University of New Brunswick Canada in 2003 and moved to US in 2004.

Moe Abuzar

Abuzar’s partner Ruchika Shah came from India in 11th grade in 2006 and found studies to be challenging at first but always believed that “challenge is how you learn.” She completed a nursing program to fulfil her dreams and goals. She started her career as Registered Nurse after completing bachelor’s degree in Nursing in 2012. In 2014, she became a Nurse Practitioner and worked as Director of Nursing while preparing for her NP board exam.

“My help, either unnoticeable or in great measures, is as valuable as a pearl in the ocean for me,” said Shah. “The chance to assist is a great pleasure and therefore, I am feeling proud in saying that I am a Nurse Practitioner.”

Since the initial contact with Care24 Home, how long does it take to find the care provider?

“We can find the care provider and start services as early as 24 to 48 hours. We consider all our calls to be extremely important and respond promptly as we can,” said Abuzar. “Since it is very independently customized care, depending on the requested services and caregiver needs such as companionship, HHA/CNA or RN, we communicate closely with family members and collaboratively decide the best time to start the services. We strive to respond every inquiry within a timely manner.”


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