India Society of Worcester Kicks Off India Day Celebrations on Saturday

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WORCESTER, MA—India Society of Worcester is kicking off India Day celebration on Saturday, Aug. 5, 2017, at DCU Center in Worcester, MA, with a message on “Unity in Diversity” and a number of cultural programs. The event is free to all attendees.

Now in its 28th year, ISW’s India Day has grown in popularity from a small event held at the Italian American Center in Worcester to a grand 5,000-plus audience at the DCU Center. The event brings ever growing member base of ISW, regional communities and local groups together for a cultural extravaganza that entails live music and dance performances, a parade, free health stop, food and shopping, thus ensuring an action packed afternoon.

Ashish Cowlagi

“This is a rather special year for us at ISW. This year marks an important landmark for the Indian diaspora as India celebrates 70 years of independence so we are looking forward to an extra special India Day,” said ISW President Ashish Cowlagi . “Our theme this year is Unity and Diversity, so our goal is to bring local regional associations, under one roof for this momentous occasion.”

Shiamin Melville

Shiamin Melville, a long-time volunteer at ISW, called on alumnus of the ISW cultural and language school to participate in a parade.

“We are calling on present and past alumni to be a part of our event and march with us in the parade, along with representatives from the various state organizations as well,” said Melville, principal of the ISW cultural and language school, which teaches five local languages and offers year round cultural enrichment opportunities for both parents and students.

Here are details about the India Day program:

India Day 2017 : Unity in Diversity

When: Saturday, Aug. 5, 2017

Time: From 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Where: DCU Center, Worcester , MA

Cultural Program details :

  • Parade: 2:30 – 3:00 PM
  • Flag ceremony & National Anthems, welcome Speeches : 3:00 – 3:30 PM
  • Bazaar, Kids Zone, Food Stalls open : 3:00 PM
  • Cultural Program: 3:30 – 8:00 PM

Act 1: Folk Melange

Colorful performances, catchy beats and a unique regional sense of style defines our folk art. This segment features lots of colorful performances, highlighting the wonderful folk styles from the western Indian regions of Gujarat & Rajasthan blended with other folk dance. Some performances blend semi-classical dance forms of India will be with folk dance, while others connect the cultures of the world’s two greatest democracies blending Punjabi Bhangra with American Hip hop. Unity in diversity is visible throughout !

Act 2: Raga Rocks

This segment of our cultural program offers a view into the beauty of the core classical dance forms of India  like Bharatnatyam, Kathak and Kuchipudi . These dance forms are amalgamated with classical forms of Indian Music where the music consisting Raga and Taal will be portrayed through amazing dance moves.  Another great classical art form that originated in India and Asia is Martial Arts. The technical moves and actions of these self defense arts will be set to music  by our wonderful local artists.

Act 3: Cultural Combo

What happens when mighty rivers meet ? When strong traditional art forms from different  corners of the country, and the world,  attune with each other  in the great cultural melting pot?  This segment of our  stage presentation explores these combinations, depicting blends of Bengali folk art with Bharatnatyam, Bharatnatyam with Ballet, Kashmiri folk dance with Marathi. This segment also blends in performances from the Indian states of  Punjab, Haryana, Uttar pradesh & Bihar.

Act 4 : Essence d’Art

Our program reaches its crescendo, continuing its intermingling of various  artistic dance styles from Indian &  Nepali art and  culture.  Through music and dance, telling tales of freedom, celebration, love and mythology ! A rich banquet of dance styles like Flamenco, Contemporary western and  Hip hop combined with Indian Bharatnatyam, Lavani & Bhangra guarantee a finale that you will remember !

The event is  sponsored by esteemed businesses like St Vincent Medical Group, eClinicalWorks, Digital Federal Credit Union, Tufts Health Plan, Leader Bank, Reliant Medical Group, UniBank and Santander Bank.


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