India is a melting pot just like US: ‘Vishwaroopam 2’ actress Pooja Kumar

Pooja Kumar (Photo: Twitter)
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Mumbai– Indo-American actress Pooja Kumar, who will soon be seen in the Kamal Hassan-starrer “Vishwaroopam 2”, says the film has given her the opportunity to know more about the socio-political history of the Indian society.

Pooja Kumar (Photo: Twitter)

Asked if doing the film has given her a better insight of the Indian society, Pooja told IANS: “I think India is a melting pot just like America. There, people are coming from various parts of the globe and living, therefore the culture is so diverse and little complex too.

“India is the same because here every state has its own culture, language, different religion, sentiments…so many things. We have tried to present India in a positive light in the film. In the end, I hope the audience starts a conversation because any good thought-provoking piece of art, cinema, poetry, story or a play does that,” she added.

“Vishwaroopam 2” attempts to address the socio-political conflicts in present-day India.

The Hindi version of this bilingual will be presented by Rohit Shetty and Reliance Entertainment. The Tamil version and the Telugu dubbed version is produced by Raajkamal Films International for Aascar Films Pvt Ltd.

Giving an insight into her character in the film, Pooja said: “My character starts from where it has ended in part one, so now, Dr Nirupama Viswanath is falling in love with her husband after so many years of their marriage, knowing how he is dedicating his life for his country.

“At the same time, she goes through a dilemma knowing that for the husband, no love is greater than the love for his country and nothing is more important than his secret mission.”

Pooja has been a fan of Kamal since his “Ek Duje Ke Liye”.

She says she has learnt an important lesson from the popular actor-filmmaker and politician.

“The biggest thing I learnt from Kamal sir is not to give up and be persistent. The longer the journey you have in life, you face much more ups and downs. In films, you give your life literally, years of time, hours of hard work and one day the film releases, and within a few moments, it gets declared a hit or a flop.

“If it fails, we start questioning on things – on our decision, our ability, if we are on the right track, if this is what we are meant for… We question ourselves. I have seen how this man (Kamal), no matter what obstacles are coming on his way, has never given up. That is a big lesson of our life…to be focused,” she added.

Pooja has worked in English films like “Man on a Ledge”, “Brawl in Cell Block 99” and “Bollywood Hero”. She says while she is widely exposed to American culture, her heart is very much Indian.

“I have lived in an Indian household, I speak Hindi, I do Kathak and Bharatnatyam and grew up in that traditional family culture which is different from Americans who live in the nuclear family. But when outside, I am going to school with Americans, hanging around with them, they are friends, right?

“So in a way, there are two kinds of life I am living… but I am an Indian by heart,” said the actress who was brought up in St. Louis, Missouri and attended Washington University.

“These days, though my brother, father and I am living in different cities, we make sure we are meeting as often as possible because we are family,” she said with a smile.  (IANS)


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