I’m more patient now: Toral Rasputra

Toral Rasputra (Photo: Wikipedia)
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New Delhi– With time, age and experience, “Balika Vadhu” fame actress Toral Rasputra says she has become more patient and at ease about her life and career.

Toral currently features in Sony Entertainment Television’s “Mere Sai”, a show on Sai Baba. She was in the capital on Thursday for a promotional visit at the Sai Baba temple here.

Toral Rasputra (Photo: Wikipedia)

She says she is happy with the way the show has turned out.

“It’s a different show for me as it’s in the devotional space, something I’ve never attempted. My character (Baija Maa) is really nice. The location looks realistic and the best thing is that people can get to learn a lot of things from the show, especially Sai Baba’s teachings and about Shraddha Saburi (devotion and patience),” Toral told IANS.

While Toral says she is not a very devotional person herself, these are two virtues she has learnt with time.

“I feel these are very important and I can see I am becoming more patient day by day. Earlier, I used to be get hyper and worked up if things don’t work sometimes. And being an actor, you have to sometimes get used to this that after finishing certain projects, you might have to wait because there’s no stability.

“You might have to wait or take a break to get something different and at the same time, you also want to grow as an actor… But now I am a little relaxed. I have more patience now,” added the actress, who just turned 30 last month.

Could the changing sensibility be the age factor?

Breaking into a laughter, she said: “I am sure, it plays a major part.”

After “Balika Vadhu”, it took Toral a long time to settle on a show that interested her and at the same time, was different from the role of Anandi that she essayed. In future too, she says she will try and bring variety in her work.

“As an actor, I prefer to play different roles, so I am looking forward to it. Right now I don’t know what will happen in future, but I am being positive about it,” Toral said, and added that if she was to do a reality television show, she would love it if it’s dance-related.

Enjoying the winter chill here, Toral was also happy she could make some time for “Dilli ki chaat” in between the promotional activities here.

“Being a Gujarati, I am a big time foodie and I love trying different kind of food wherever I go.” (IANS)


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