IIT Leadership Conference to Feature Women In Technology

Jo Miller
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PROVIDENCE, RI–The women leadership and women empowerment will be at full force at the 2016 leadership conference organized in New England by the USA IIT Alumni community. Come, join, participate and celebrate their accomplishments on Friday and Saturday, Aug. 12-13, in Providence, RI.

Jo Miller
Jo Miller

At this time in history, women lead two of the major European powers, Germany and the United Kingdom and a woman has been nominated to be the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. Women have either led and or have had leadership roles at major technology companies and academia including Hewlett Packard, IBM, Motorola, Facebook, Yahoo, MIT, Harvard, Brown Universities and many more.

Much progress has been made, but we have the opportunity to bring even more women into STEM fields. During this journey it is important to pause, listen and applaud those who through their dedication and hard work, courage and determination have paved the way towards our collective progress, organizers of the Leadership Conference say.

The women in technology events at the 2016 leadership conference organized in New England by the USA IIT Alumni community (https://www.iit-2016.org/),  target celebrating our women leaders, innovators, risk-takers for thinking forward, opening new doors and expanding the possibilities for women around the globe.

The conference will have a dedicated women’s half day session on Fri the 12th of Aug. In addition to networking, the afternoon will feature panels on “climbing the corporate ladder” and “entrepreneurship” with some outstanding panelists. There is more.  Jo Miller will be giving a 90 minute coaching session to the attendees on leadership.

Saturday, Aug 13th, will see a couple women’s panels on STEM and social impact, both featuring visionaries and trailblazers in these areas.

An exclusive mentor/mentee session on Sun, Aug 14th targets addressing key questions/challenges that women in particular face facilitating dynamic partnerships amongst the attendees between those seeking answers and those who have the knowledge and experience.

Being held for the first time in the New England area, this conference promises to be one to remember, organizers say.

Workshop by Jo Miller

Women who break through into leadership positions in business get there by mastering the art of influence. Understand the mechanisms of power and influence within your organization whether you are in Academia, Corporations or non-profit.

Identify six sources of influence you may not be fully utilizing. While Positional and Direct Influence are easy to understand, the art of Expertise and Relationship Influence is more subtle. Learn how to grow your sphere of influence and sometimes identify your sphere of influence. Leave with a personal action plan to enhance your credibility, build an influential network, and make a larger impact in your organization and for your organization.

Held on Friday,  Aug. 12,  this workshop is titled “Become a Person of Influence” at the Women in Technology session during the 2016 leadership conference.

The workshop will be conducted by Jo Miller. A leading authority on women’s leadership, Jo is a sought-after, dynamic, and engaging speaker delivering more than 60 speaking presentations annually.  Jo has conducted sold-out workshops and packed speaking engagements including keynote addresses  at numerous conferences for women’s leadership, women’s professional associations, and Fortune 1000 corporate women’s initiatives  and company sponsored workshops in North America, Europe, Africa and Middle East.

Jo is founding editor of BeLeaderly.com and CEO of Women’s Leadership Coaching, Inc.  She is the creator of the Women’s Leadership Coaching ® system, a roadmap for women who want to break into leadership positions in business. Used successfully by thousands of women worldwide, the system identifies the key steps women must take to advance into positions of influence and leadership—especially in industries long considered “a man’s world,” such as technology, finance, and energy.

Jo has consistently received very high ratings for her sessions at conferences, coaching classes and workshops. Feedback on Jo’s sessions have indicated they are “interesting”, “engaging”, “active” “fun and Funny”. “She is an excellent story teller”, “she makes compelling arguments, recommends tactical actions”, “She has the right mix of both speaking content and group breakout activity”

This is a unique opportunity for you to participate in one of Jo’s workshop in the New England area so sign up now and encourage others in your current sphere of influence to sign up at https://www.iit-2016.org using Code WIP2016 for $50 discount. OR you can register just for Friday for $99. This includes dinner and the concert by American Idol Sonika Vaid.



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