How to protect walls before and after Holi


New Delhi– Holi is around the corner, and with children and adults getting ready for the festival of colours, so should your home and walls.

“The festival of joy leaves you with some exciting, colourful memories along with colour-stained walls and hand-prints on the walls of the house,” Rajiv Rajgopal, Managing Director, AkzoNobel India says.

He shares his top tips to safeguard your house from colourful stains before and after Holi.


Easy clean paint

From matte to glossy, paints vary in terms of their finish. It is always better to go ahead with easy clean paint which is generally easy to wash off. This will allow your wall to look beautiful for longer while providing a good resistant surface. If you opt for an oil-based paint, it is recommended to add a layer of anti-stain varnish to shield the walls from imprints and stains.

Sheen protection

People generally forget about wooden frames and furniture in their houses but one should be mindful that the wooden frames and furniture need extra attention. To ensure that the sheen remains intact, opt for an undercoat of water-based coating which is ideal for ceilings, window doors and walls.

Crack-proof coatings

We are not the only one to be soaked in water while celebrating the festival of colours, but the walls are too. Excessive splash of Holi water on the exterior walls of house easily makes its way to the cracks and gaps, resulting in damaging the walls. Hence, waterproofing products works as a solution for pre-treatment coats, exterior and interior basecoats, and fill the cracks to maintain perfect finish at home.


Avoid excessive scrubbing

Despite precautions, some colours can manage to stain the walls. In order to get rid of those difficult stains from the walls, we engage in excessive scrubbing. Instead, one should stick to light dabbing with a soft cotton towel to avoid colour damage

Get a touch-up

Sometimes, it’s better to go for a touch-up on the walls, when it gets difficult to get rid of those colourful stains. Just simply roll your brush over the wall in multiple directions, working from the centre-outward in each direction. However, it is safe to seek professional help for the same. Choose a super-premium paint which increases the elasticity of the paint coat on the wall.

Protect doors

The main gate of home is also likely to get colour stains with the arrival of guests to play Holi. One option is to opt for a wood finish formulated to enrich and protect wooden surfaces which not only enhances the beauty of wood but offers excellent protection to all kinds of wooden surfaces. Another way is to wipe off the doorknob with water and soft cloth or polish the doors to get rid of that wear and tear. (IANS)


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