Hindi Manch Announces Its Second National Hindi Rashtriya Mahotsav 2020 on Oct. 9-11 in Boston

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By Poppy Charnalia

BOSTON—Hindi Manch, a non-profit organization aimed at creating a confluence of Hindi speakers and those who wish to dive in it further to learn and promote the language and culture for current and future generations, announced that it will host its second National Hindi Rashtriya Mahotsav 2020 on Oct. 9-11 in Boston.

The 3-day national event will provide a variety of entertainment as well as opportunities to network, engage, and relish the language with other Hindi and Urdu language enthusiasts. For more information and details, visit www.hindimanch.org.

Hindi Manch is a Boston-based non-profit organization with the mission of creating a confluence of Hindi speaking folks and those who wish to dive in it further to learn and propagate the language and culture for current and future generations.

Preetesh Shrivastav

To commemorate its 10th Anniversary, the organization held a 3-day National Hindi Convention, or Rashtriya Mahotsav in Boston in 2018. During the three-day convention, a 1,500 member audience was treated to live music, dance, theatre, poetry recitals and workshops by talented artists from USA and Canada.

“I am very happy and proud to announce that with the help of our fantastic New England community, Hindi Manch family has created history in Boston and is ready to host the Second 3-day long Hindi Manch Rashtriya Mahotasav – a national festival of Hindi in America,” said Preetesh Shrivastava, Founder and President of the Hindi Manch.

“एक सपना हमने देखा था.

सपना सच होते देखा है..

मनाएँगे हिन्दी का उत्सव बॉस्टन में,

जगाएँगे संस्कृति की चेतना कण कण में..” Mr. Shrivastav said in Hindi.

The Hindi Rashtriya Mahotsav 2020 is organized by a dedicated steering committee comprised of six members: Jharna Madan, Raksha Soni, Anish Khanzode, Ajay Jain, Sneh Jaisingh and Preetesh Shrivastav, who manage multiple teams consisting of nearly 350 volunteers.

Here are brief bios of steering committee members:

Ajay Jain

Ajay Jain

Mr. Jain is excited to be again a part of Steering Committee of Second Hindi Manch Rastriya Mahaotsav. He first joined NEHM to act in a Hindi play but soon it became part of his extended family as he realized how important it is to remain connected to language, culture and roots when one lives in a home away from home and one has a responsibility to pass on that heritage to kids who are growing in a different culture than yours.

Mr. Jain grew up in Kolkata, the cultural capital of India, and loves theatre and acting but to pay his bills he manages operations of an IT consulting company in Boston area.

Anish Khanzode

Anish Khanzode

Mr. Khanzode says Hindi language, culture, and art have been close to his heart. “It was an easy choice for me to join Hindi Manch 11 years ago,” said Mr. Khanzode. “Hindi Manch has done truly remarkable work to bring the community together while fostering Hindi language affection among young generations.  This year please join us in America national convention where along with you we hope to bring like-minded people all across America.”

Jharna Madan

Ms. Madan is a senior interior designer and project manager

Jharna Madan

and a TV Asia correspondent in Boston. She is involved in several community and charitable organizations in the Boston metro area.

“Being associated and working for Hindi Manch has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life,” Mr. Madan said. “It has further enhanced my appreciation for our rich culture and  heritage. I am proud to say that through Hindi Manch we have created a platform for all to come together without any bias or prejudice and share the sheer joy of language. More importantly we are striving to inculcate the love of language and heritage in our children. I am blessed to be part of the Hindi Manch community and look forward to our upcoming 2020 National convention.”

Raksha Soni

Raksha Soni

Raksha Soni worked as a software engineer for over twenty years before beginning an epic second act: to follow her true calling for art. She is the founder of Brush & Paisley, through which she showcases her beautiful artwork and offers art workshops for a range of students. Ms. Soni’s art is her life’s mission, and her rigor and drive for it come from her commitment to creativity, community, and compassion. She is a key member of many charitable and cultural Indian organizations, and she feels much joy and satisfaction in serving the community.

“Hindi is the first language which I heard from my mother’s lullaby, and it is the first language in which I learned to speak. To me, Hindi is like the first drops of rain nourishing my soul and spreading the fragrance of wet soil into my heart,” said Ms. Soni. “I have learned different languages over time, but I still feel that Hindi is my identity today. Hindi Manch is an organization where I find myself connected through language and culture. I feel inspired and motivated by their efforts to provide a common platform to Hindi lovers, and by their passion for connecting the next generation with Hindi and Indian culture in unique ways. Hindi is our pride, culture is our honor, and we can make a difference together.”

Sneh Jaisingh

Sneh Jaisingh

Ms. Jaisingh is well known in the community as a nutritionist and for all her contributions in the field of health and wellness.  Personally, for Ms. Jaisingh, being involved with Hindi Manch keeps her connected to her roots and gives her a sense of belonging where she can connect with the like-minded, language and culture-loving folks through this creative platform. She got associated with Hindi Manch along with her husband Ajay and they have been an integral part of the organization for many years. They feel that their involvement with Hindi Manch has had a profound influence on their son, Gaurav, who has himself participated and volunteered in Hindi Manch events for a number of years. Ms. Jaisingh reminisces the Baal Manch days when he was just a kid to now being an active youth leader at the organization. She is excited to join the steering team this year.

Hindi Manch has hosted 66 events comprised of Hindi/Urdu poetry meets, musical programs, plays and Bollywood celebrities such as Suresh Wadkar, Dipti Naval, Jugal Hansraj and Kavita Krishnamurthy in relevant fields. Since its inception it has provided a platform for over 1,000 artists which includes over 300 children.


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