High School Senior Maya Thakore Launches Pause For Your Cause to Help Charities

Maya Thakore
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WELLESLEY, MA— Maya Thakore, who was a co-founder of the New England Youth Chapter of American India Foundation, known as AIF, has launched Pause For Your Cause LLC, which drives charitable giving through everyday activities.

How does Pause For Your Cause work?

“When you click on a product or game, you are taken to the website of the seller – leading retailers and gaming sites,” the startup says on its website. “You interact with the retail or gaming site as you normally would – check their prices, buy directly from them, use their customer service. If you purchase the product, Pause For Your Cause receives a predetermined percent of the sales proceeds.”

The firm donates 100 percent of the proceeds to the Charity of the Month.

“There has been success raising money already,” said Miss Thakore, who had helped raise money for the AIF Lamp Program that provides schooling for children of migrant farm workers in India.

Maya Thakore

Although Miss. Thakore was recognized as a top fund raiser, she realized that traditional fund raising means had limitations and there are so many good causes and requests for donations and many people have limited means to help. This prompted the idea for launching Pause For Your Cause.

“The goal is to have charities support the site by starting a charitable drive and notifying their supporters of the site,” said Miss Thakore, adding that her goal is to eventually raise over $1 million for charities. “Retailers value these customers and pay Pause For Your Cause a percentage of the revenues generated by the customer. 100% of proceeds are donated to charity.”

Miss Thakore, a senior in High School at Milton Academy, started Pause For Your Cause in the summer of 2016 and based in Wellesley, MA. She is also Co-Head of Investment Club at Milton Academy, where she develops investment knowledge while investing a portion of the school’s endowment.


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